Our Team

Daniel Altis

Associate - Employment Law & Litigation

Daniel is a zealous advocate for his clients. He aims to find the right solution to accomplish his clients' goals. View Profile

Julia Avellaneda

Associate - Family Law

Julia is a bilingual family law attorney who stays focused on her client's main goals and strives to achieve the best possible outcome for them. View Profile

Kayla A. Banzali

Partner - Evictions & HOA Litigation

Kayla leads an Evictions and HOA Team at the firm's Colorado Springs office. She represents clients who face a variety of real estate matters. View Profile

Dylan Becker

Associate - Evictions & Real Estate

Dylan's attention to detail and strong work ethic are qualities that place him in an excellent position to obtain favorable results for his clients. View Profile

Rachel Bentley

Senior Associate - Family Law

The three pillars of Rachel's law practice are quality, accuracy, and efficiency. Her previous experience handling Social Security Disability claims has helped her maintain a firm sense of empathy and a desire to help her clients navigate life-altering circumstances. View Profile

Matthew Beresky

Client Relations - Family Law

Matthew is an Air Force veteran who has dedicated his life to serving others. He was compelled to practice family law so he could help individuals escape abusive situations. View Profile

Erica L. Bertini

Senior Associate - Family Law

Erica brings unique insight to the Family Law Team having worked on child support enforcement, domestic violence, and felony family and juvenile cases as an assistant state attorney.View Profile

Max Burkhardt

Associate - Real Estate

Max specializes in real estate litigation, including the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act. He thrives on finding creative solutions for his client's difficult legal problems. View Profile

Kristi Bush

Associate - Litigation

Kristi is a strategic thinker who strives to find the most cost-effective and timely solution to her client's matter.View Profile

Marlana A. Caruso

Partner - Family Law

Marlana brings a wealth of knowledge to the firm's family law practice. She is an experienced and assertive domestic litigator having solely worked in this area of law. View Profile

Daniel Chandler

Operations Manager - Family Law

Dan is a retired U.S. Army veteran whose extensive leadership experience helps him get to the heart of his clients' goals. He uses creative solutions to achieve positive results for his clients.View Profile

K. Alexandra Cavin

Senior Associate - Family Law & Domestic Litigation

Alexandra is a tenacious legal advocate who is passionate about improving her clients' lives and, as a result, the community as a whole. View Profile

Donald Eby

Managing Partner - Real Estate & Military Law

Don, who focuses his legal practice on real estate and civil litigation, is a staunch advocate for clients experiencing a variety disputes. View Profile

Kory Edmark

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation

Kory is a competitive litigator who uses his acute attention to detail to achieve his clients' goals. He has helped people with personal injury cases, commercial issues, real estate disputes, and more.View Profile

Dean C. Ferraro

Client Relations - General Litigation

A former prosecutor, Dean has tried more than 50 cases, including seven first-degree murder cases. His courtroom experience gives him excellent insight into how legal matters tend to play out, which he uses to find the best solutions.View Profile

Erica Gajda

Associate - Estate Planning, Elder Law and Probate

Erica assists clients with various estate planning and probate matters. Her client's best interests are top of mind as she procures the most effective and affordable options for them.View Profile

Cierra Garso

Partner - Family Law

Cierra is a zealous advocate for her clients in the courtroom and at the settlement table. She knows each case requires a tailored approach, and she works with clients to determine the outcome that is right for them. View Profile

Hannah Gasper

Senior Associate - Family Law

Hannah brings extensive courtroom and negotiation experience to Robinson & Henry’s Family Law Team. She is passionately committed to serving her community in a legal capacity.View Profile

Elizabeth German

Partner - Bankruptcy, Probate & Estate Planning

Liz prides herself on taking a personalized approach to each matter she receives. She is a strong advocate for her clients with probate, estate planning, and bankruptcy needs. View Profile

Nicole Griffard

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation, Business & Commercial Litigation

Nicole specializes in civil, business, and commercial litigation matters. She provides each client with the same level of commitment and intensity regardless of the size of their business.View Profile

William Groh

Senior Associate - Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Bill understands no two cases are alike, and he uses creative solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. View Profile

David Hannum

Partner - Litigation, Insurance Claim Denials, Intellectual Property & Real Estate

David is an experienced litigator who helps clients fight insurance claim denials, protect intellectual property, and resolve real estate disputes. View Profile

Todd Heideman

Senior Associate - Family Law

Todd values the positive change he can effect for his clients. More than 300 clients have turned to Todd for his experience at the mediation table and in the courtroom. View Profile

Brianne Henninger

Senior Associate - Family Law

Brianne is a compassionate and staunch advocate for her clients. She is a strong negotiator who is confident before the court when settlement talks break down.View Profile

William L. Henry IV

Founding Partner - Elder, Estate Planning & Business Law

Bill is recognized as a legal thought leader along Colorado's Front Range. He takes an innovative approach to his clients' cases and how he operates the firm he helped establish. View Profile

Andrew Hug

Senior Associate - Family Law

Andrew takes a client-centered approach to his practice. He focuses on navigating clients through the legal process and obtaining the best possible outcome for them. View Profile

Daniel A. Jacobs

Senior Associate - Employment Law & Civil Litigation

Advancing justice is the driving force behind Daniel's legal practice. He is a seasoned attorney who is eager to assist clients with their employment disputes. View Profile

Patrick Jones

Associate - Family Law

Patrick is passionate about helping families and individuals get through difficult family law cases. And he ensures they have the tools they need to successfully move forward when their case is resolved. View Profile

Megan Jury

Senior Associate - Elder Law and Probate

Megan is a probate attorney who specializes in Medicaid appeals and eligibility. She also handles a variety of other probate-related matters, including guardianships, conservatorships, and probate claims. View Profile

Patrick E. Kenney

Associate - Family Law and Criminal Law

A former prosecutor who now helps individuals and families navigate sensitive and complex family law matters, Patrick strives to provide the best legal representation for his clients during challenging times. View Profile

Katy Kinney

Associate - Family Law

Katy is committed to advocating on behalf of her clients as they take steps to begin a new life. View Profile

Steven Lambert

Associate - Family Law

Steven chose the area of family law so he could help clients work through difficult divorce and custody matters. Communication is important to Steven, and he ensures he is available to answer clients' questions and offer important updates.View Profile

Joe Lico

Partner - Civil Litigation

Joe is a zealous advocate for his clients. He offers clients an honest case assessment then works diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for them.View Profile

Alyssa Little

Senior Associate - Family Law

Alyssa is a compassionate attorney who wants to help individuals within her community work through sensitive family law matters, such as divorce and custody disputes. View Profile

Alex Lowe

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation

Alex is dedicated to finding the appropriate solution to resolve his client's case. If a settlement cannot be reached, he is adept at taking a case to court having completed more than 60 jury trials in his career. View Profile

Chris Maciejewski

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation

Chris is a seasoned business litigator with nearly 30 years of experience in state, federal, and administrative courts. He consistently strives to provide clients with the best outcome possible. View Profile

Ian McDavid

Associate - Criminal Defense

As a former state public defender, Ian is well-equipped to help R&H clients facing criminal charges. He is dedicated to justice and achieving the best outcome for his clients. View Profile

Kristen McNeill

Associate - Criminal Defense

Kristen's practice is strongly influenced by her passion for social justice. She aims to provide effective representation that leads to the best possible results for her clients. View Profile

Nicola Miller

Partner - Family Law

Having practiced law since 2005, Niki brings significant trial experience to the firm's family law practice. She has served as a deputy district attorney and worked in the private sector.View Profile

Geanne Moroye

Partner - Business & Real Estate Litigation

Geanne is one of the firm's most experienced attorneys with more than 30 years of practicing law. She helps individuals and companies litigate complex civil matters. View Profile

Eric Neeper

Partner - Civil Litigation, Employment & Business Law

An accomplished litigator, Eric maintains honest communication with his clients as he works to build a strategy that will bring favorable results for them. View Profile

Austin Nelson

Associate - Criminal Law

A former public defender, Austin has tremendous experience advocating on behalf of his clients at trial and during negotiations with district attorneys. He has helped clients secure acquittals for a variety of charges, including assault, DUI, and unlawful sexual contact. View Profile

Joe Novak

Partner - Litigation, Real Estate, Business Law

A measured and strategic litigator, Joe thrives on helping clients avoid legal pitfalls so they can obtain the best resolution possible. View Profile

William O’Donnell

Associate - Homeowner's Association Litigation & Evictions

William has participated in oral arguments before the Fifth and Tenth U.S. Circuit Courts as well as the Colorado Court of Appeals. While he's comfortable going to bat for his clients in the courtroom, William is skilled at finding a resolution for them without the need for litigation.View Profile

Alicia Reinken

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation

Alicia counsels plaintiffs and defendants on how to resolve complex legal issues. She has handled various matters, including contract disputes, business transactions, and administrative law interpretation. View Profile

Joseph Rigney

Associate - Family Law

Joseph understands family law matters are complicated. That's why he takes a practical approach to finding the best solutions for his client's unique needs. View Profile

Cody Riley

Associate - Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property & Business Law

Cody thrives on finding innovative solutions to difficult legal problems. He is registered to practice law before the Unisted States Patent and Trademark Office.View Profile

Ryan Robertson

Partner - Criminal Defense

As a former deputy district attorney, Ryan knows how the prosecution will try to convict his clients. This understanding allows him to deliver a strategic and effective defense.View Profile

Boyd Rolfson

Partner - Real Estate, Litigation & Business Law

Boyd has extensive experience representing clients who have complex real estate matters, such as title issues, property disputes, and HOA problems. View Profile

Jessie Sack

Associate - Immigration

Jessie is a compassionate attorney who has experience handling many kinds of immigration cases, including naturalization, adjustment of status, and more.View Profile

Richard Schmittel

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation

Richard takes a client-centered approach in his practice. The client's best interests and goals are Richard's top priority as he aims to get them the best possible outcome. View Profile

Angie Schmitz

Senior Associate - Real Estate and Probate Litigation

Angie is a strategic litigator who bases every decision she makes on how a judge will consider her client's case. Angie's goal is to ensure the judge sees the merits of her client’s legal position.View Profile

Kevin Sobczyk

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation

Kevin zealously pursues justice for his clients who have been wronged by the actions of others. He understands the risks and costs associated with litigation, which is why Kevin strives to achieve results outside the courtroom. However, he will not hesitate to go to trial to obtain the outcome his clients deserve.View Profile

Allison Sutton

Partner - Family Law

Allison is an experienced and dedicated Family Law attorney who regularly rises to the challenge of a complex and sensitive case.View Profile

Christopher Sutton

Partner - Family Law

Christopher strives to obtain the most favorable outcome for his clients through negotiations. If talks happen to fail, his significant trial experience is beneficial as he and his clients prepare for court. View Profile

Joseph Tolman

Associate - Probate

A former criminal prosecutor, Joseph takes the same energy to help his probate clients navigate the complex processes that come with probate administration, conservatorships, and guardianships. View Profile

Jon Topolewski

Senior Associate - Litigation

As a legal counselor and advocate for his clients, Jon provides support and guidance as they work to reach a solution for their unique issues.View Profile

Peter Towsky

Associate - Civil Litigation, Real Estate & Business Law

Peter handles a myriad of litigation matters from contract disputes to real estate issues. As a former prosecutor, Peter is an effective negotiator who is comfortable taking a case to trial. View Profile

Krista Tushar

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation

Krista brings 25 years of experience to the firm's civil litigation practice. She has represented individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses in all stages of civil litigaiton. View Profile

CJ Walser

Associate - Family Law

A former prosecutor and financial planner, CJ brings a unique experience to the Family Law Team. He is poised to help his clients get through life-altering circumstances and be on solid footing as they prepare to move forward. View Profile

Kristoffer Wathne

Associate - Civil Litigation

Kristoffer is a fierce advocate for his clients during an extremely stressful and vulnerable time. He takes great care to create the right strategy to achieve results for his clients.View Profile

Kevin Webster

Associate - Family Law

Kevin is passionate about helping families overcome the difficult circumstances that come with divorce, child custody, and protection orders.View Profile

Michael J. Weicher

Senior Associate - Civil Litigation

A seasoned litigator with nearly 20 years of experience, Michael takes a practical and realistic approach to obtain his clients' goals. View Profile

Stephen Whitmore

Partner - Litigation, Real Estate, Business Law

With nearly 30 years of experience litigating complex cases, Steve provides competent, effective, and ethical counsel to a wide variety of companies and individuals.View Profile

Tristan Younghaus

Partner - Estate Planning & Probate

Tristan is passionate about finding the right solution for her client's estate planning and business needs. She has helped set up thousands of individuals, families, and businesses for success.View Profile

Sonia Zaheer

Associate - Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, Business Law, Construction Defects

Sonia seeks to resolve disputes through negotiations to get the best outcome for her clients. However, she is comfortable taking a case to trial if a settlement cannot be reached. View Profile

Daniel Zarnowski

Associate - Family Law

Daniel is dedicated to helping members of his community who are facing tough family law matters. He approaches each case with the same care he would take with his own loved ones. View Profile

Mike Robinson (1947 – 2019)

Mike Robinson was a founding partner at the firm. During his career, he was licensed to practice in Colorado and Texas. Mike was also a military veteran who served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. View Profile