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Education & Bar Admissions

  • Juris Doctor, Texas Tech University School of Law, 2018
  • Bachelor’s Degree, University of Texas of the Permian Basin, TX, 2015
  • Bar Admissions:
    Colorado Bar

Savannah Fox

Associate - Criminal Defense

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"My job is being the person you turn to when you’re facing the weight of the government against you."

Robinson & Henry Associate Attorney Savannah Fox discovered she had an affinity for public speaking when she joined her high school debate team. 

“You know that fear some people have when they stand up [in front of people] and they get nervous? It doesn’t exist for me – it just never has,” Savannah said. 

Savannah now works to uncover evidence that could lead to acquittals for her criminal defense clients.  

Before joining R&H, Savannah served as a public defender in Colorado Springs where she represented over 1,000 defendants with charges ranging from low-level misdemeanors to first-degree murder. In this role, she honed her craft as a litigator and as a jury selector.

“It’s an art form,” Savannah said. “That’s honestly how it feels when you talk to a jury – it’s not like talking to a judge or talking to your client. It’s different, and you have to be able to do that to help your clients.” 

Clients looking for a  compassionate, confident, and tenacious criminal defense attorney should look no further than Savannah. 

“There’s nothing a client can tell me that I’m going to be shocked or judgmental towards,” said Savannah. “I don’t think that the worst thing that somebody did or what they’ve been accused of doing defines who they are as a person. Also, I win.”

Case of Note 

Savannah’s active involvement in the jury selection process helps her clients prepare for tough trials where the cards are seemingly stacked against them. 

This was the case in 2022 when she represented a client accused of attempted murder. In court, Savannah drew on her extensive case law knowledge to successfully convince the jury her client was not guilty by having her client reveal that the individual accusing him of domestic violence had tried to kill him. People v. Jones, a 1984 Colorado Supreme Court case set a precedent that a previous act of violence can be disclosed in court when the jury is asked to consider the reasonableness of self-defense to a situation. 

More about Savannah

Originally from Texas, Savannah has lived in Colorado Springs for a number of years with her son. When she’s not winning in court, she’s winning games of ice hockey.

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