Attorney Jennifer Collity

Education & Bar Admissions

  • Juris Doctor, Indiana University McKinney School of Law
  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology and Counseling, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
  • Bar Admissions:
    Colorado Bar
    Texas Bar
    Indiana Bar (inactive)

Jennifer Collity

Senior Associate - Family Law

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Children are not pawns of their parents, and decisions should be made in ways that impact children in a positive way and in their best interests.

Family Law Senior Associate Jennifer Collity is passionate about helping families and individuals work through emotional and precarious legal matters, such as divorce and separation, child custody issues, domestic violence, and more.

Jennifer didn’t set out to become a family law attorney when she entered Ball State University to begin her higher education. However, she knew she wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to contribute to her community in a meaningful way.

Upon receiving her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Jennifer began work as a counselor providing therapy for incarcerated individuals. It was this work that ignited her legal career.

Jennifer became a victim’s advocate in a prosecutor’s office where she assisted domestic violence survivors with obtaining protection orders and beginning the initial steps toward prosecution.

“I had a lot of energy and felt strongly about victims’ rights, which lead me to pursue work as a prosecutor,” said Jennifer.

In addition to working as a prosecutor, Jennifer also represented parents whose children had been removed from their care by the State of Colorado. During that time she witnessed a dichotomy within the foster care system: the damage that comes from taking children from their parents and the harm that comes from children being exposed to domestic trauma.

“Children are not pawns of their parents, and decisions should be made in ways that impact children in a positive way and in their best interests,” she said.

Today, Jennifer relies on her background to be a compassionate and effective advocate for her family law clients. As a prosecutor, she learned the art of reading a judge and tailoring her arguments to get the best results for her clients — experience that can only be garnered from inside a courtroom.

Having practiced law for 20 years, Jennifer is excellent at evaluating cases, anticipating opposing strategies, and applying her knowledge of courtroom dynamics to obtain favorable outcomes.

While understanding legal procedures is critical to achieving her client’s goals, Jennifer knows that the case is only as strong as the client’s faith in her representation. She earns her client’s trust by providing honest and timely communication and setting realistic expectations from the outset, even if it’s difficult for them to hear.

Jennifer has tried cases in Colorado, Indiana, and Texas during the course of her career.

More About Jennifer

Jennifer is married with two children. She and her family enjoy being active, taking advantage of all that Colorado has to offer, such as climbing, hiking, skiing — and, of course, shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

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