Attorney Allison Sutton
Education & Bar Admissions
  • Juris Doctor, Georgia State University College of Law, 2005-2009
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance, University of Georgia, Athens, 1997-2001
  • Bar Admissions:
    Colorado Bar
Professional Associations
  • Colorado State Bar Association
  • El Paso County Bar Association

Allison Sutton

Partner - Family Law

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What I love about family law is guiding people through some of the toughest and most emotionally draining experiences of their lives with compassion and empathy and helping them get through the process as unscathed as possible. Court processes and procedures can be very overwhelming and confusing, so I really try to help my clients understand what to expect at every stage of their case and make sure that we are doing everything possible, within their budget, to help them achieve the outcomes they desire.

Family Law Attorney Allison Sutton is a Partner at Robinson & Henry. Allison became an attorney to help others. Her passion for family law is palpable—she represents clients going through an exceptionally hard time in their lives, and thus, she leads every case with empathy, describing herself as a “helper by nature.”

Allison’s background includes a number of domestic violence criminal cases, as well as divorces with and without children. Her tireless stance and attitude towards potential victims of violence frame much of her work, and she carefully prioritizes the welfare and safety of all parties involved in her cases, rather than focusing solely on “winning.”

Pleasant, reasonable, and professional, Allison’s expertise helps families in Colorado make sense of and smoothly transition through their situation, regardless of how complex their circumstances might be.

Born in Texas, Allison’s family moved to Colorado Springs for a few years, then moved to Atlanta, Georgia when she was 12. She lived in Georgia for 17 years, attending the University of Georgia in Athens, then the Georgia State University College of Law in Atlanta from 2005 to 2009. While studying there, she was awarded the Spring 2006 Excellence in Research, Writing, and Oral Advocacy Cali Award.

Tired of traffic gridlocks, blistering heat, and humidity, Allison returned to Colorado after law school.

She loves to run outside, hike, and take her two dogs (an Australian cattle dog named Cheyenne and a Maltese named Axel) to dog parks. She also enjoys spoiling her nieces and nephews, crocheting, and reading.

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Client Testimonials

“I had a consultation with Allison Sutton. She was incredibly helpful, thorough, and detailed with her answers and you can tell she knows what she is doing. She’s straightforward and to the point and will give you an honest answer about her perspective on possible outcome of the case. Not only is Allison on top of her game, so is the rest of the staff here! Highly recommend Robinson & Henry for lawyer needs.” – Shaylynn

“Professional, efficient, and caring with your time. Allison Sutton has been wonderful to work with…What has been most helpful is that Allison knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff; she does not waste your time nor mislead you with items of irrelevance. Yes, avoid court if possible. However, be comforted to know she will guide your case at each step to give you the best chance at the hearing.” —Arlen

Allison Sutton is the utmost professional who is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of family law. I would hire her for any family matter including divorce, child custody disputes, or adoption. She is a first-class attorney in every way.” —Susan

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