Education & Bar Admissions

  • Juris Doctor, Willamette College of Law, Salem, Oregon
  • Certified in Dispute Resolution, Willamette College of Law
  • Bachelor of Arts, History, Metropolitan State College of Denver
  • Bar Admissions:
    Colorado Bar

Professional Associations

  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar

Todd Heideman

Senior Associate - Family Law

phone iconCall: 720-531-9121

My passion for family law is driven by the opportunities we get to help clients in crisis, and by the opportunities we get to help create better futures for our clients.

Robinson & Henry Senior Associate and Family Law Attorney Todd Heideman grew up in a home where community service was a focal point. Raised by a social worker and a homicide detective, Todd knew from an early age the importance of making meaningful contributions to one’s community. His parents’ positive influence inspired Todd to study the law.

Todd has represented more than 300 clients during his career, which has involved family law and criminal law. He centers his practice on problem-solving, which sometimes means taking a case to court. If the need for litigation arises, Todd is prepared.

Battle-tested in the courtroom, Todd has tried approximately 50 criminal jury trials and fought for his family law clients’ best interests in as many permanent orders and allocation of parental rights hearings.

Having been through his own divorce, Todd understands on a personal level the uncertainty and challenges people going through divorce or custody disputes experience. That’s why he takes time to educate his clients about the legal process and offer realistic expectations based on their desired results.

Also, individuals who work with Todd will be pleased to know he will not waste their time or money on irrelevant issues or conflicts that often bog down family law matters. Instead, his focus remains on the client’s goals and preparing for the case’s next steps.

More about Todd

Prior to attending law school, Todd spent 20 years training and teaching martial arts and boxing. He credits some of his accomplishments as a lawyer to the tenets he learned from martial arts.

“Similar to fighting, being an effective attorney requires a focus on preparation and constant study,” Todd says. “Similar to being a good fighter, to be a good attorney, being an attorney has to be part of who you are and not just something you do.”

Todd says both martial arts and the law require an emphasis on character, effort, etiquette, self-control, and sincerity.

Todd is a father of three, and he loves to spend time with his children. While he no longer teaches martial arts and boxing, he still trains and likes to be active. Finally, he’s a self-described chess geek.

Todd’s Case Results

Client Testimonials

“From start to finish Todd’s professionalism was unparalleled. With unwavering commitment to explaining the complexity or our case. His communication and transparency provided me with the ability to make a decision that would have a better outcome. I appreciate his compassion towards my situation and the advice during this challenging time.” – Aidee

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