Parental Abduction Case & Dissolution of Marriage

Family LawAttorney: Nicola Miller

May 28, 2021 –  Spouses can react in appalling ways when a marriage breaks down and divorce looms, especially when children are involved. In some cases, a spouse may take their child without the other parent’s consent. These are some of the most serious types of divorce cases our Family Law Team receives. This was the situation our client was in when they sought our help.

In this matter, our client had not seen their child in many months after their spouse at the time took the child out of the country and refused to allow our client any contact with their child.

The most critical part of this dissolution of marriage was to have the child returned to our client. Due to the opposing party’s continually depriving our client of their child, the court awarded our client sole decision-making authority for the child and made our client the primary residential parent.

Additionally, because the court found the opposing party wrongfully retained our client’s child, we obtained the orders needed to invoke the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Filing this petition expedites the child’s return to our client after being abducted by the opposing party.

This was a difficult case in which our family law attorneys obtained the best possible results for our client.


Grandparent Visitation Rights

Family LawAttorney: Nicola Miller

May 27, 2021 – It can be difficult for grandparents to know their grandchildren are unsafe with their parents. When the situation becomes particularly dire, many grandparents try to intervene. When their efforts are thwarted by one or both parents, some grandparents will seek the court’s help.

That was the case for this client. Our Family Law Team filed a Petition for Grandparent Visitation on behalf of our client. We successfully secured the visitation of this grandparent and finalized an agreement at a pre-trial conference without the need for a hearing. Reaching a visitation agreement without a hearing saved the client time and money.

Post-Decree Relocation with Children

Family LawAttorney: Allison Sutton

May 27, 2021 – It can be difficult to persuade a family law judge to let you move your children away from their other parent, particularly after your parenting plan is already in place. In addition to how your relocation will affect your current parenting plan, a judge will consider whether the move is in the best interest of the children. In this case, a client came to us for help with this very matter.

Our Family Law Team successfully convinced the court it is in the children’s best interest to move out of state with our client.


Learn more about the complexity of post-decree relocation cases. 

Medical Power of Attorney Analysis

Estate Planning & Elder LawAttorney: Erica Gajda

May 26, 2021 – A medical power of attorney is an important legal document that designates someone to make important medical decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. A medical power of attorney is often created with the help of an estate planning lawyer, however, these can be signed by a patient in a hospital setting.

In this case, an individual approached our Estate Planning Team for counsel about their parent’s medical power of attorney. Our client’s mother was in the hospital and signed one, however, she kept changing her mind about whether she wanted to be resuscitated.

We advised our client about the options regarding a request for a second medical option about whether their mother had the capacity to make her own medical decision. We also counseled the clients on their options for decision-making as medical power of attorney.

Obtained Copy of Child Support Order for Mortgage

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

May 26, 2021- Many people may not know that child support payments can be added to your regular income from your job and be used to qualify for a home mortgage. These payments boost your overall monthly income, which means you may be eligible for a bigger mortgage than you first thought. That means you can afford a better home for yourself and your family. However, first you’ll need to provide documented proof of your payments.

Our client moved across the country after his divorce and was looking to buy a new home. He needed a copy of his child support order to show his mortgage lender as soon as possible. However, he only had the names of the parties and the county in which the divorce was finalized.

The case file had not been digitized, so our family law attorneys could not access the case online. They tracked down the client’s case number and the specific courthouse where the order was located. Our attorneys then traveled to the courthouse, got a copy of our client’s order, and emailed a scan to him the afternoon of the same day of his initial consultation. Our client was very happy and will be able to move into his home much sooner because of our attorneys’ knowledge and diligence.

Successful Contempt Citation in Divorce Case

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

May 25, 2021- A domestic relations separation agreement sets the terms of a divorce, including a parenting plan that dictates how the parents will make decisions regarding their minor children. Both parents must adhere to the parenting plan or face legal penalties, such as a contempt of court citation.

In this case, the mother of his client’s children took away the cell phones that had been provided for the children to talk to him and was interfering with the progress of the parenting plan. Our family law attorneys successfully prosecuted a contempt citation against our client’s ex-spouse to enforce his rights to parent his children.

Modification of Parenting Time

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

May 25, 2021- Divorce is bad enough, and the problems don’t always end once the papers are signed. When children are involved, the parents unfortunately may continue to have disagreements about the child’s best interests. This is where it is beneficial to have a neutral party, like a family law attorney, who can help reach a solution that will benefit both the child and the parents.

In this case, our client requested assistance with modifying his parenting time and child support. Our family law attorneys attended two hearings with the client and were able to obtain the parenting time and child support modification he requested after contested matters.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Family LawAttorney: Mark C. Smith

May 24, 2021- Divorce can bring potentially painful changes to the lives of not only the parents, but their children as well. And sometimes those changes don’t end after the papers are signed.

In this case, our client retained us after the mother of his child informed him that she planned to move out of Colorado. Since the mother was the custodial parent in this case, the child would also be moving. Our client wanted a formal parenting plan in place that would allow him to see his child and remain an active participant in her life.

Our family law attorneys drew up a parenting plan that spelled out the precise terms that our client desired. Both parties agreed to the plan and our client will continue to be part of his daughter’s childhood.

Dissolution of Marriage

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

May 24, 2021- Divorce can get messy even when no children are involved. These cases can drag on for months on end, or even years. This is stressful and can leave you feeling like your life is in limbo. Our family law attorneys have your best interests at heart and will fight aggressively for a legal outcome that most closely matches them.

After a lengthy legal battle over spousal maintenance and property division between our client and his former spouse, we successfully settled the divorce days before the final orders hearing. Now our client can begin to heal.

Lawsuit Win of $125,000

LitigationAttorney: Geanne Moroye

May 23, 2021 – Anytime a consumer purchases a piece of equipment – from a hand mixer to a forklift – there’s the expectation it will work. When it doesn’t, well, the buyer expects to have it replaced or get their money back. The more expensive the purchase, the more lengths someone will generally go through to get a resolution. This client was seeking a $40,000 refund.

A contractor approached our Litigation Team for help getting their money back from a used forklift company. Our client had purchased a used forklift that, unfortunately, never worked for them after the initial purchase.

We successfully helped this client recover three times the amount of money they spent on an inoperable used forklift. Our attorney’s knowledge of the law coupled with a lackadaisical forklift company paid off in a big way for our client.

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