Robinson & Henry relies on the ingenuity of all of its team members, from attorneys and paralegals to business and administrative staff. We invest in our employees and provide opportunities for everyone to achieve their professional goals. We also believe in work-life balance because you are more than your job. At R&H, you’ll build your career with a firm that truly cares about you and your work.


Room for Growth & Mentorship

Your success is our success. Our team-focused structure supports associate attorneys and gives lead attorneys opportunities to mentor and be thought leaders. Junior and senior attorneys work alongside lead attorneys on every case, drafting documents and advocating for clients in court. Administrative staff can also cultivate robust careers with room to assume management roles and receive promotions.

Progressive Pay & Benefits

We know well-compensated employees are more productive, innovative, and happier. That’s why we offer competitive salaries with a wage model that eliminates gender bias and pay discrepancies. R&H attorneys and paralegals have various means to receive bonuses. Administrative team members can increase their base pay through managerial opportunities. In addition to a generous benefits package, employees receive annual pay increases.

Work-Life Balance

We understand that in addition to your job responsibilities, you have outside obligations that are equally important. That’s why R&H has flexible working options for most employees that further loyalty and boost productivity within teams while respecting personal commitments. Additionally, our billing requirements permit attorneys to maintain a traditional 40-hour work week while enjoying four vacation weeks yearly.

Open Positions

Family Law and Civil Litigation Attorneys - TX

Location: Dallas and Austin, Texas

Robinson & Henry, P.C., a Colorado law firm, is looking to expand into Texas. We are seeking both highly experienced Partner-level, and less-experienced Associate, attorneys in the North Dallas and Austin areas. These positions will initially be fully-remote until we are able to secure office locations, then will move to in-office.

The successful candidates will have experience litigating a variety of types of cases. Courtroom and trial experience required. You must be diligent and focused on your customer (the client) to provide the best service and achieve favorable outcomes.

Partner-level attorneys will have a proven track record for building, mentoring, and maintaining cohesive teams.

At R&H, we provide flexible working options for attorneys that further loyalty and boost productivity within teams while respecting personal commitments.

We offer competitive salaries and generous benefits, including quarterly bonuses, health insurance, a 401(k) plan, and paid vacation and holidays.

(posted 7/12/2022)


  • Texas Bar admission
  • civil litigation or family law experience in Texas
  • cover letter, resume, three references, and writing samples


$79,490 - $170,336

*Disclaimer: The information provided on this page for pay and benefits is for informational purposes only, and it does not fully describe plans and benefits in detail. In the event of a conflict between this summary and any plan or benefit document, the plan or benefit document will prevail. R&H reserves the right to make adjustments to the pay schedule, as well as individual and group compensation and benefits, at anytime. Nothing on this informational page is intended to convey or imply a contract of employment. All Robinson & Henry employees remain “at will.”