Our Team

Courtney Baldwin

Family Law

Courtney Baldwin is a strong advocate for her family law practice clients. Courtney looks for innovative solutions to help her clients avoid litigation, but she's ready to go to court to help them achieve the best results. View Profile

Kayla A. Banzali

Civil Litigation & Real Estate

Attorney Kayla A. Banzali is part of Robinson & Henry’s Colorado Springs Civil Litigation team. Kayla represents clients who face a variety of real estate problems, including HOA conflicts, landlord-tenant issues, and property disputes. She also Kayla has experience in civil defense litigation.View Profile

Marlana A. Caruso

Family Law

Robinson & Henry family law attorney Marlana A. Caruso brings with her a wealth of knowledge to our practice. Having worked solely in the area of family law, Marlana is an experienced and assertive domestic litigator. View Profile

Dale Casares

Personal Injury & Disability

"My familiarity and experience with the insurance industry allow me to help my clients have the best chances for success."View Profile

Eric Charney

Family law and criminal defense

"Navigating the legal system can appear daunting and complex. I work to make that process both manageable and aligned with what each client is seeking.”View Profile

Kelley Cleveland

Family Law

"As a family law attorney, I strive to advocate for my clients and help develop a personalized approach to meet their individual needs.View Profile

Andrea Dalton

Family Law

Andrea Dalton is a seasoned family law litigator who tirelessly works to obtain favorable outcomes for her clients. View Profile

Elizabeth Domenico

Bankruptcy & Debt Problems

"One of the things I pride myself on is being able to have a relationship with each individual client."View Profile

Donald Eby

Real Estate, Litigation & Probate

"In the navy I learned to go to battle, to fight and to win. Now I fight and win for my clients."View Profile

Mark Fenton

Real Estate and Business Litigation

"I believe that no matter the size or value of a particular case, that client deserves competent, vigorous representation at all stages of their case."View Profile

Lucas Padilla Frei

Tax and Business Law

"Dealing with the IRS can be stressful, and each tax case is unique. I utilize a client-first approach – your case and your needs come first."​View Profile

David Hannum

Litigation & Personal Injury

"Navigating the legal system can appear daunting and complex. I work to make that process both manageable and aligned with what each client is seeking.”View Profile

Brianne Henninger

Family Law

"I enjoy practicing family law because I feel I can genuinely help people through some of the most difficult times of their life.”View Profile

William L. Henry IV

Elder, Estate Planning and Business Law

What I like most about working with clients is the opportunity to lessen their stress, lighten their burdens, and provide relief from legal problems weighing heavy on their minds and hearts. View Profile

Erica Jacobson

Real Estate & Civil Litigation

Erica is an impassioned and experienced real estate and business litigation attorney that strives to get the best outcome for every client, no matter the circumstances they face. View Profile

Jen Koss


"Having tax-related problems can be very stressful and I strive to provide a clear understanding to our clients every step of the way."View Profile

Chris Maciejewski

Civil Litigation

Chris Maciejewski is a seasoned business litigator with many years of experience in state, federal, and administrative court, and consistently strives to entreat clients with the best outcome possible. View Profile

Valerie Malara

Family Law

There is no problem big or small that I can't assist you in resolving. I became a lawyer to help people and to be my clients' advocate during difficult times."View Profile

Geanne Moroye

Business & Real Estate Litigation

Geanne is the exact type of stellar litigator that Robinson & Henry searches for. Her knowledge and understanding of the law is perhaps rare, even amongst lawyers of her same…View Profile

Matthew Pearson

Litigation and Criminal Defense

"My goal is to provide my clients with frank, honest counsel and zealous advocacy."View Profile

Ryan Robertson

Civil Litigation

Robinson & Henry attorney Ryan Robertson specialized in civil litigation. Ryan is a former deputy district attorney prosecuting cases such as homicide and domestic violence. View Profile

Boyd Rolfson

Real Estate, Litigation & Probate

“I have learned to appreciate the land not only as a precious resource but as a valuable asset. As an attorney, I gain great satisfaction in helping my clients overcome issues they are unable to tackle alone.” View Profile

Jessie Sack


"I understand the worries and difficult challenges presented by the immigration process and the importance of being assisted by a professional who genuinely cares."View Profile

Angie Schmitz

Real Estate and Probate Litigation

"Communication is really the key to my practice. Helping clients understand the legal landscape and likely outcomes is the best way to ensure we are moving together toward the client’s goal.”View Profile

Mason Simpson

Litigation and Real Estate

"A nuanced and sophisticated approach to dispute resolution cannot be overvalued."View Profile

Allison Sutton

Family Law

Allison is an experienced and dedicated Family Law attorney who regularly rises to the challenge of a complex and delicate case.View Profile

Francesca Tait

Real Estate & Civil Litigation

Francesca is a civil litigation attorney with a strong work ethic and natural eye for law. View Profile

James Townsend

Family Law

"One of the most rewarding aspects of practicing family law is the privilege to help people navigate their way through some of the most difficult times in their lives. View Profile

Ben Tracy

Civil Litigation

An experienced mediator, Ben is a charismatic asset to Robinson & Henry's civil litigation team. View Profile

Stephen Whitmore

Litigation, Real Estate, Probate, Business Law and Criminal Defense

"When people come to me with a problem, our first resort is not to turn to litigation. We take an objective, pragmatic approach to the problem and see if resolution is possible."View Profile

Jason Wolfe

Civil Litigation

The civil litigation team at Robinson & Henry wouldn't be complete without an experienced trial lawyer like Jason Wolfe. Originally from Colorado, Jason's expertise in civil matters ranging from private to public sector litigation makes him a well-rounded asset to the team. View Profile

Mike Robinson (retired)

Mike was born in New York City on October 5, 1947. Mike grew up as the son of a career combat U.S. Army soldier. He served as a Photographic Intelligenceman…View Profile