Our Team

Daniel Altis


Litigation Attorney Daniel Altis is a zealous advocate for his clients. Daniel aims to find the right solution that will accomplish his clients' goals. View Profile

Julia Avellaneda

Family Law

Julia Avellaneda is a bilingual family law attorney who keeps her focus on her client's main goals and strives to achieve the best possible outcome for them. View Profile

Kayla A. Banzali

Evictions & HOA Litigation

Attorney Kayla A. Banzali is part of Robinson & Henry’s Colorado Springs Civil Litigation team. Kayla represents clients who face a variety of real estate problems, including HOA conflicts, landlord-tenant issues, and property disputes. View Profile

Logan R. Baseley

Family Law

Family Law Attorney Logan R. Baseley fights for clients going through divorce, custody battles, and other family law matters. His passion is achieving lasting results for his clients and their family.View Profile

Dylan Becker

Evictions & Real Estate

Dylan Becker is an evictions and real estate attorney. His attention to detail and strong work ethic are qualities that place Dylan in an excellent position to obtain favorable results for his clients. View Profile

Max Burkhardt

Real Estate

Litigation Attorney Max Burkhardt specializes in real estate litigation, including boundary disputes, easement issues, and the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act. Max thrives on finding creative solutions for his client's difficult legal problems. View Profile

Kristina M. Bush


Kristina M. Bush is a litigation attorney who strives to find a cost-effective and timely solution to her client's matter. View Profile

Marlana A. Caruso

Family Law

Robinson & Henry family law attorney Marlana A. Caruso brings with her a wealth of knowledge to our practice. Having worked solely in the area of family law, Marlana is an experienced and assertive domestic litigator. View Profile

Daniel Chandler

Family Law

Family Law Attorney Daniel Chandler is a retired U.S. Army veteran whose extensive leadership experience helps him to get to the heart of his clients' goals. Dan uses creative solutions to achieve positive results for his clients.View Profile

Christopher “Kit” Davlin

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorney Christopher "Kit" Davlin explores all legal pathways to find the right course of action that will resolve his clients' disputes. View Profile

Donald Eby

Real Estate & Military Law

"In the navy I learned to go to battle, to fight, and to win. Now I fight and win for my clients."View Profile

Kory Edmark

Civil Litigation

Kory Edmark is a competitive litigator who uses an acute attention to detail to achieve his clients' goals. Kory has helped clients in personal injury cases, commercial issues, real estate disputes, construction problems, and more.View Profile

Erica Gajda

Estate Planning, Elder Law and Probate

Probate & Estate Planning Attorney Erica Gajda assists clients with various matters, including guardianships and conservatorships, probate litigation and administration, and trust litigation and administration. View Profile

Cierra Garso

Family Law

Family law attorney Cierra Garso is a zealous advocate for her clients in the courtroom and at the settlement table. She knows each case requires a tailored approach, and she works with clients to determine the outcome that is right for them. View Profile

Hannah Gasper

Family Law

Hannah Gasper brings a wealth of courtroom and negotiation experience to Robinson & Henry’s Family Law Team. Hannah is passionately committed to serving the community in a legal capacity.View Profile

Elizabeth German

Bankruptcy, Probate & Estate Planning

"One of the things I pride myself on is being able to have a relationship with each individual client."View Profile

Nicole Griffard

Civil Litigation, Business & Commercial Litigation

Litigation Attorney Nicole Griffard specializes in civil, business, and commercial matters. Nicole has represented Fortune 500 companies and small business owners. She offers the same level of commitment and intensity to every client regardless of their business' size. View Profile

William Groh

Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation

Attorney Bill Groh is a member of Robinson & Henry's Intellectual Property & Litigation Teams. Bill understands no two cases are alike, and he uses creative solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. View Profile

Robert Hadlow

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation attorney Robert Hadlow is driven by his client's goals. Robert applies every sensible legal strategy to help his clients achieve the best possible outcome. View Profile

David Hannum

Litigation, Insurance Claim Denials, Intellectual Property & Real Estate

"Navigating the legal system can appear daunting and complex. I work to make that process both manageable and aligned with what each client is seeking.”View Profile

William L. Henry IV

Elder, Estate Planning & Business Law

What I like most about working with clients is the opportunity to lessen their stress, lighten their burdens, and provide relief from legal problems weighing heavy on their minds and hearts. View Profile

Andrew Hug

Family Law

Family Law Attorney Andrew Hug takes a client-centered approach to his practice. Andrew focuses on navigating clients through the legal process and obtain the best possible outcome for them. View Profile

Andrew Dylan Jimenez

Evictions and HOA

Attorney Dylan Jimenez is a member of Robinson & Henry’s Real Estate Team. Dylan helps landlords maneuver Colorado’s everchanging and complex eviction laws. He also represents clients in a variety…View Profile

Patrick Jones

Family Law

Family Law Attorney Patrick Jones has a passion for helping clients navigate the complex legal system. View Profile

Megan Jury

Elder Law and Probate

Megan Jury is a probate attorney who specializes in Medicaid appeals and eligibility. Megan also handles a variety of other probate-related matters, including guardianships, conservatorships, and probate claims. View Profile

Patrick E. Kenney

Family Law and Criminal Law

A former prosecutor who now helps individuals and families navigate sensitive and complex family law matters, Patrick Kenney strives to provide the best legal representation for his clients during challenging times. View Profile

Katy Kinney

Family Law

Family Law Attorney Katy Kinney is committed to advocating on behalf of her clients as they take steps to begin a new life. View Profile

Kyle Krause

Civil Litigation

Litigation Attorney Kyle Krause has a passion for helping individuals. Kyle takes a strategic approach to help his clients solve complex issues. View Profile

Steven Lambert

Family Law

Attorney Steven Lambert chose to focus his legal practice on family law so he could help clients work through divorce and custody matters. Steven strives to be as available as possible to his clients to explain a legal aspect of their case or provide an update about it. View Profile

Joe Lico

Civil Litigation

Joe is a zealous advocate for his clients. He offers clients an honest case assessment then works diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for them.View Profile

Alyssa Little

Family Law

Alyssa Little is a compassionate attorney who wants to help individuals within her community work through sensitive family law matters, such as divorce and custody disputes. View Profile

Chris Maciejewski

Civil Litigation

Chris Maciejewski is a seasoned business litigator with many years of experience in state, federal, and administrative court, and consistently strives to entreat clients with the best outcome possible. View Profile

Wesley McConnell

Civil Litigation & Military Law

Litigation Attorney Wesley McConnell is an experienced trial lawyer who has represented clients in state, federal, and military courts. View Profile

Ian McDavid

Criminal Defense

Ian McDavid is a member of the firm's Criminal Defense Team. Ian brings a wealth of experience to the team as a former state public defender. View Profile

Kristen McNeill

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney Kristen McNeill's law practice is strongly influenced by her passion for social justice. Kristen intends to provide the most effective representation for her clients so she can achieve the best possible outcome in their criminal case.View Profile

Nicola Miller

Family Law

Niki Miller is a criminal and family law attorney who has significant trial experience. Niki has practiced law, since 2005, as a deputy district attorney and in the private sector.View Profile

Geanne Moroye

Business & Real Estate Litigation

"I strive to guide my clients through difficult and often emotional situations by listening, providing a candid, thorough analysis and advocating on their behalf to achieve the best possible results."View Profile

Eric Neeper

Civil Litigation & Business Law

An accomplished litigator, Eric Neeper maintains honest communication with his clients as he works to build a strategy that will bring favorable results for his clients. View Profile

Bailey D. Nelson

Family Law

Bailey D. Nelson is a staunch advocate for her clients whose help extends beyond initial hearings and court appearances. View Profile

Joe Novak

Litigation, Real Estate, Business Law

Joe Novak focuses his legal practice on litigation, real estate, and business law. Joe thrives on helping clients avoid legal pitfalls and achieving the best possible outcome. View Profile

Alicia Reinken

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Attorney Alicia Reinken counsels plaintiffs and defendants on how to resolve complex legal issues. She has handled various matters, including contract disputes, business transactions, and administrative law interpretation. View Profile

Joseph Rigney

Family Law

Family Law Attorney Joseph Rigney is passionate about helping clients navigate the difficult processes that are synonymous with divorce and other family law matters. View Profile

Ryan Robertson

Criminal Defense

Robinson & Henry attorney Ryan Robertson specialized in criminal defense. Ryan is a former deputy district attorney prosecuting cases such as homicide and domestic violence. View Profile

Boyd Rolfson

Real Estate, Litigation & Business Law

“I have learned to appreciate the land not only as a precious resource but as a valuable asset. As an attorney, I gain great satisfaction in helping my clients overcome issues they are unable to tackle alone.” View Profile

Jessie Sack


"I understand the worries and difficult challenges presented by the immigration process and the importance of being assisted by a professional who genuinely cares."View Profile

Richard Schmittel

Civil Litigation

Litigation Attorney Richard Schmittel takes a client-centered approach in his practice. Richard aims to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients, keeping their best interests his top priority. View Profile

Angie Schmitz

Real Estate and Probate Litigation

"Communication is really the key to my practice. Helping clients understand the legal landscape and likely outcomes is the best way to ensure we are moving together toward the client’s goal.”View Profile

Mark C. Smith

Family Law

Mark C. Smith is a family law attorney with nearly 30 years of experience. Mark is a caring attorney who imparts practical solutions to his clients.View Profile

Allison Sutton

Family Law

Allison is an experienced and dedicated Family Law attorney who regularly rises to the challenge of a complex and delicate case.View Profile

Christopher Sutton

Family Law

Christopher Sutton strives to obtain the most favorable outcome for his clients through negotiations. If talks happen to fail, his significant trial experience is beneficial as he and his clients prepare for court. View Profile

Jon Topolewski


Jon Topolewski is a legal counselor and advocate for his clients. Jon provides support and guidance as they work to reach a solution. View Profile

Peter Towsky

Civil Litigation, Real Estate & Business Law

Attorney Peter Towksy helps clients with litigation, real estate, and business law matters. As a former prosecutor, Peter is a sharp and effective negotiator, but he also is not afraid to win cases at trial. View Profile

Kristoffer Wathne

Civil Litigation

Kristoffer Wathne is a fierce advocate for his clients during an extremely stressful and vulnerable time. Kristoffer creates a tailored legal strategy to achieve the best outcome for his clients.View Profile

Kevin Webster

Family Law

Family Law Attorney Kevin Webster is passionate about helping families navigate the difficult circumstances that come with divorce, child custody, and protection orders.View Profile

Michael J. Weicher

Civil Litigation

Michael J. Weicher is a civil litigation attorney with almost 20 years of experience. He takes a practical and realistic approach to obtain his clients' goals. View Profile

Stephen Whitmore

Litigation, Real Estate, Business Law

"When people come to me with a problem, our first resort is not to turn to litigation. We take an objective, pragmatic approach to the problem and see if resolution is possible."View Profile

Tristan Younghaus

Estate Planning & Probate

Tristan Younghaus is an experienced estate planning and business attorney who is passionate about finding the right solution for her clients. View Profile

Sonia Zaheer

Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, Business Law, Construction Defects

Sonia Zaheer specializes in civil litigation. Sonia is an effective negotiator who has considerable trial experience. View Profile

Daniel Zarnowski

Family Law

Daniel is a family law attorney dedicated to helping members of his community. He approaches each case with the same care he would take with his own loved ones. View Profile

Mike Robinson (1947 – 2019)

Mike Robinson was a founding partner at the firm. During his career, he was licensed to practice in Colorado and Texas. Mike was also a military veteran who served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. View Profile