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HOA Foreclosure Defense

Litigation, Homeowners AssociationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne, Geanne Moroye

April 7, 2022 – Currently, Colorado homeowners’ associations have the power to foreclosure on homeowners if they fall behind on their dues or other fees. The state legislature has taken up the issue as it makes national headlines. In this case, we helped a homeowner who was facing his own HOA foreclosure.

Our client’s HOA had filed a foreclosure lawsuit against our client because of outstanding HOA dues. Our Litigation Team successfully negotiated a settlement to dismiss the foreclosure case, and the client entered into a payment plan with the HOA.

Defended Alleged Intellectual Property Infringement

Litigation, Business LitigationAttorney: Nicole Griffard, Joe Lico

March 30, 2022 – In this case, our client received a demand letter alleging they infringed on someone else’s intellectual property. The demand letter called for our client to pay them a sum of money or face a lawsuit.

Our litigation attorneys were able to settle the matter for just over half of the amount that was demanded and helped our client avoid a lawsuit.


Limited Legal Representation

Litigation, Business LitigationAttorney: Richard Schmittel, Stephen Whitmore

March 28, 2022 – Sometimes a client just needs limited legal help instead of full-on legal representation. Now, it would not be prudent for a client to represent themselves in all legal situations. In some cases, such as small claims court, self-representation can be OK.

In this case, an individual reached out to us for help concerning a legal matter they wanted to navigate on their own. Our attorneys advised the client on issues such as settlements and helped the client draft legal documents for their case.

Obtained $60,000 Judgment for Client

Real Estate, LitigationAttorney: Kory Edmark, Joe Novak

March 26, 2022 – When you hire someone to do work on your home, you expect the project to be completed on time and to your satisfaction. You don’t count on the contractor to just stop showing up. Unfortunately, that happened to our client.

In this case, a homeowner reached out for our Litigation Team’s help after the contractor abandoned the job. Our client terminated the contract with the contractor, but the contractor refused to return a large sum of money they received for work that was incomplete.

Our attorneys obtained a judgment in excess of $60,000, which includes attorneys fees and court costs, against the contractor.

Negotiated Repair of Homeowner’s Foundation

General LitigationAttorney: Christopher “Kit” Davlin, Joe Novak

March 22, 2022 – Every homeowner knows that at some point they will face some kind of issue with their house. Generally, though, homeowners who purchase a new build can expect to breathe easy in the early years they enjoy the home. That was not the case for this client.

A homeowner sought the help of our litigation attorneys after a problem arose with the foundation not long after our client purchased the newly built home. Our attorneys negotiated with the home builder which resulted in our client’s foundation being repaired at the builder’s expense.

$1M Recovery for Client

General Litigation, LitigationAttorney: Max Burkhardt, Joe Lico

March 15, 2022 – There’s always some risk when you make an investment, but most people do not expect to be defrauded. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to our client.

After making a significant investment, the company defrauded our client. Our Litigation Team worked to recover the money from our client. We successfully litigated a motion to find the investment group in default. As a result of our litigation, our client received a $1,000,000 recovery.

Facilitated Return of a Vehicle

General LitigationAttorney: Joe Lico

February 25, 2022 – Robinson & Henry, P.C. attorneys send out hundreds of demand letters each year to help clients find a resolution in a dispute without filing a lawsuit. Demand letters are more economical than pursuing litigation, and the strongly-worded letters have good odds of returning a positive outcome for clients.

In this particular case, we helped a client who was having problems returning a car. The used vehicle had problems from the start. The issue for our client was the deadline to return the vehicle had already passed.

Our Litigation Team crafted a demand letter that resulted in our client being able to return the vehicle, get a full refund for all payments made on the vehicle, and be issued additional money for the inconvenience the bad vehicle caused.

Construction Defect Dispute

Contract Disputes, General LitigationAttorney: Richard Schmittel

June 26, 2021 – Home improvements can be as expensive as they are exciting. You have a vision, and you would understandably want the home contractor you hire to fulfill that vision. Unfortunately, even the most highly recommended home contractor can make costly errors or even try to take advantage of you.

Our client was in this situation when he reached out to Robinson & Henry’s Civil Litigation Team. He had paid a home contractor over $200,000 to install an indoor pool. The contractor began the work, but never finished the job. Our attorneys were able to negotiate a settlement that will see all of the client’s money returned to him.

Breach of Contract

General Litigation, CollectionsAttorney: Joe Lico

June 24, 2021 – Contracts are a huge part of our daily lives. For instance, you generally sign a contract when you receive medical treatment. Your doctor pledges to treat your injuries to the best of their ability, and you promise to pay the amount owed for those services.

When someone fails to meet an agreement’s obligations, it is called a breach of contract. Legal remedies are available in this situation.

Our client, a medical doctor, was owed $13,000 to $14,000 in medical bills from a patient. Even after sending multiple collection letters, the patient refused to pay the medical bills. So, our client reached out to Robinson & Henry to file an action against the patient for breach of contract. Our litigation attorneys convinced the judge to award our client the complete amount owed, plus attorney’s fees and costs.

Lawsuit Defense

General LitigationAttorney: Stephen Whitmore

June 19, 2021 – Defamation of character occurs when a person publishes a false and harmful statement about someone. Defamation takes two forms: slander (oral defamation) and libel (written defamation). Our client was sued in district court by a corporation for both slander and libel. These allegations stemmed from comments she had reportedly made on social media.

Fortunately for our client, she quickly reached out to Robinson & Henry’s General Litigation Team. Our attorneys assisted with analysis, negotiation, settlement, and, ultimately, the dismissal of the case.

Fought Partition Action

General LitigationAttorney: Kory Edmark

June 19, 2021 – With real estate prices skyrocketing, buying a home with your significant other may seem like an attractive option. However, sometimes the relationship goes south. If you and your former partner cannot agree what to do with the property, you may find yourself in court for what’s called a partition action. A partition action is a type of lawsuit that typically forces the sale of jointly owned property and divides the sale proceeds.

Our client was in this exact situation when she reached out to Robinson & Henry’s Litigation Team. Her former partner had filed a partition action against her after the two could not agree on when to sell their jointly owned home. Our attorneys were successful in getting the client reimbursed for all equitable payment and improvements during the partition action.

Negotiated Modified Separation Agreement

LitigationAttorney: Kory Edmark

June 18, 2021 – In this case, our client had agreed to give his ex-wife a timeshare in their recent divorce. However, she stopped making payments, claiming she couldn’t afford it. Because the loan was in our client’s name, his credit was beginning to suffer.

Our client also had given his former spouse a $50,000 gym membership in the divorce. He was willing to resume responsibility for the time share in exchange for the membership. However, his ex-wife’s divorce attorney was refusing to give an inch. Fortunately, our civil litigation attorneys stepped in and successfully negotiated a modified separation agreement that was favorable to our client.

Lawsuit Defense

LitigationAttorney: Kory Edmark

June 17, 2021 – Our client, who runs a construction company, came to us after he was sued for alleged damages. This was a particularly high-risk lawsuit because our client did not have insurance and could have potentially owed the opposing party more than $100,000. Fortunately, the R&H Litigation Team was able to settle the case for just $11,000, minimizing a potentially life-altering financial hit for our client.

Prepared Mechanic’s Lien

Contract DisputesAttorney: Stephen Whitmore

June 10, 2021 –  If a client fails to pay a contractor or a subcontractor, the contractor can utilize a mechanic’s lien. This means filing a legal claim against a home or other property. Filing a mechanic’s lien prevents the property owner from selling or refinancing the property until they have paid the contractor.

Our client, a licensed contractor, was putting tile up on a customer’s bathroom wall and in soap niches. Before he began working, he told his customers that anything fragile needed to be put somewhere safe. However, he was unaware that there was a shelf on the other side of the wall he was working on. Vibrations from his work caused a bottle to break.

Our client replaced the bottle. However, the opposing party refused to pay him the $3,200 he was owed from the job. Our litigation team helped the client prepare and record a mechanic’s lien. This resulted in the complete recovery of the funds due to him.

Demand Letter to Former Landlord

General LitigationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

June 8, 2021 – One of the most common landlord-tenants disputes occur over when a landlord can rightfully withhold a tenant’s security deposit in Colorado. It is important for tenants to know that there are limited circumstances in which a landlord has the right to withhold your security deposit in Colorado. As a general rule, a landlord can withhold all or a portion of a tenant’s security deposit when the tenant has caused the landlord some sort of financial harm or damage.

However, landlords may not use a tenant’s security deposit to upgrade or renovate the home at the tenant’s expense. This was the case with our client and his former landlord. Our civil litigation attorneys successfully sent a demand letter to the landlord for the client to retrieve his security deposit back.

Successfully Defended Against HOA Violation

Homeowners Association LitigationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

June 8, 2021 – Many Colorado neighborhoods are governed by Homeowners Associations (HOAs). The rules of the HOA community are described in what’s called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The CC&Rs describe the requirements and limitations of what you can do with your property. The goal of the CC&Rs is to protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community. However, sometimes HOAs can get a little overzealous in enforcing them.

In this case, our clients came to us because they were facing fines for breaching their HOA’s CC&Rs. They received a warning letter after leaving their garbage can outside for a week. When our clients ignored the first letter, they received a second letter telling them they had to attend a hearing to address the garbage can issue.

Our HOA attorneys attended the hearing with the clients and were able to convince the judge to remove the fines.

Demand Letter to RV Dealer

LitigationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

June 4, 2021 – It’s no secret that litigation can be costly and time consuming. At Robinson & Henry PC, we will always strive to save our clients time and money without sacrificing the quality of our service.

Our client dropped off her recently purchased motor home at the dealership for A/C repairs in September 2020. By December, the repairs still were not complete and there had been further damages. Our litigation attorneys drafted and sent a demand letter to the dealership on our client’s behalf.

Effective Negotiation to Re-Install Defective Concrete

LitigationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

June 1, 2021 – There are a number of ways a lawyer can help a client find a solution to a problem without suing someone. Lawsuits are expensive and time-consuming, so our attorneys try to use other legal maneuvers before going straight to court. In this case, our lawyers negotiated with the opposing party to reach a good conclusion for our client.

This client sought the help of our litigation team after a recently-poured sidewalk she hired a contractor to lay began to crack and chip. Our client attempted to resolve the problem on her own, but she got nowhere with the contractor. That’s when she hired our attorneys.

Our lawyers reached out to the contractor and negotiated a settlement that got our client’s sidewalk replaced without her owing any more money to the contractor.

Respond to Cease and Desist Letter

General LitigationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

May 31, 2021 – Some intellectual property disputes are complex enough to send even the most seasoned attorney into a tailspin. However, sometimes all it takes is an attorney with superior negotiation skills to save a client time, stress and money.

Our client retained us after receiving a cease and desist letter alleging some of the contents of her website violated the copyright of her former employer. The issue was primarily with the phraseology of our client’s mission statemen, which allegedly usurped her prior employer’s proprietary information.

After reviewing the relevant documents and the two websites, our civil litigation team spoke with the opposing counsel. Our attorneys negotiated an agreement that allowed both parties to walk away from the dispute after our client made certain changes to her website.

Pre-Litigation Success

LitigationAttorney: David Hannum

May 29, 2021 – Clients and attorneys alike will tell you that litigation is expensive. When our Litigation Team takes a case, the attorneys look for ways to avoid going to court, as a trial can become very costly. In this case, we helped the client avoid taking his case to court.

This client sought help after he received a construction defect claim. The individual who filed the claim also had not paid our client in full. There were two goals in this matter: to avoid a lawsuit and to get our client paid. Our Litigation Team negotiated with the opposing party and their lawyers to reach an agreement outside out of court that got our client paid.

Successful Settlement of Lawsuit Against HOA

Homeowners Association LitigationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

May 29, 2021 – If you live in a planned community these days, you likely are part of a Homeowner’s Association. An HOA essentially has ultimate authority over any modifications a resident would like to make to their home. These associations can get unwieldy due to lack of accountability and oversight.

Our client, an active-duty member of the military, joined his fellow homeowners in a lawsuit filed against the HOA for changing insurance policies in violation of the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs). The lawsuit resulted in an exorbitant sum for the deductible following extensive damage in the community from a hailstorm.

However, our client was deployed to Germany while litigation was still pending, and the HOA lawyer told the court they were unable to locate him. As a result, our client was not able to collect the money he was rightfully owed from the judgment. His case was also postponed due to the Service Members Relief Act.

Once Robinson & Henry’s civil litigation attorneys picked up the case following the postponement, they were able to reach a settlement with the HOA that netted our client $13,000.

Lawsuit Win of $125,000

LitigationAttorney: Geanne Moroye

May 23, 2021 – Anytime a consumer purchases a piece of equipment – from a hand mixer to a forklift – there’s the expectation it will work. When it doesn’t, well, the buyer expects to have it replaced or get their money back. The more expensive the purchase, the more lengths someone will generally go through to get a resolution. This client was seeking a $40,000 refund.

A contractor approached our Litigation Team for help getting their money back from a used forklift company. Our client had purchased a used forklift that, unfortunately, never worked for them after the initial purchase.

We successfully helped this client recover three times the amount of money they spent on an inoperable used forklift. Our attorney’s knowledge of the law coupled with a lackadaisical forklift company paid off in a big way for our client.

Find out how we won this case for the client.

Homeowner Lawsuit Defense

Homeowners Association LitigationAttorney: Geanne Moroye

May 22, 2021 – Many planned communities have a Homeowner’s Association that regulates everything from what paint colors residents can choose for their home to how a yard can be landscaped. And it’s pretty common for an HOA to levy stiff fines against homeowners who violate the rules.

A homeowner sought our Litigation Team’s help after their HOA sued them for unapproved work completed on their yard. Our litigation attorneys answered the complaint on behalf of the client and represented them at mediation. Our attorneys won a motion to set aside default, and the case was settled at mediation.

While it is impossible for some cases to avoid going to trial, our litigation lawyers aim to exhaust all legal options before venturing into court. Doing so saves the client time and money.


Failure to Disclose Settlement

LitigationAttorney: Joe Lico

May 22, 2021 – One of the most important pieces of the home buying process is receiving the seller’s disclosure form. The home seller is supposed to disclose any problems with the house that they’re aware of – or should be aware of. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and the new homeowner can be stuck with major issues.

That’s what happened to our client. A homeowner reached out to our litigation attorneys for help when they discovered some pretty significant issues with the house that caused leaks. In this case, our litigation team was able to negotiate a settlement with the opposing party. Doing so allowed our client to avoid the cost of mediation and expensive litigation.

Successful Recovery of Attorneys Fees

General LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

May 20, 2021- Litigation, while often necessary, can be quite expensive. In this case, our client approached us about recovering attorneys’ fees he had accumulated in an eviction matter because of the property manager’s negligence. Our attorneys negotiated a settlement agreement with the opposing party and our client was able to recoup a substantial amount of those attorneys fees.

Lawsuit Defense

LitigationAttorney: Joe Lico

May 18, 2021 – An individual came to Robinson & Henry for help after being sued by an animal rescue. The animal rescue sought to take back the rescue dog our client adopted.

Our Civil Litigation Team successfully defended the client against the allegations. The animal rescue dismissed its complaint against our client, and, as a result, our client was able to keep the dog they rescued.

Dispute with Home Builder

LitigationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

May 16, 2021 – Building a home from the ground up is quite an adventure. Sure, there will be ups and downs over the course of the build, but the end result is worth waiting for – unless there are significant problems with the home.

That’s what happened in this case. A client came to Robinson & Henry for help after they contracted with a home builder to construct a home for them. Unfortunately, the house had several problems that came up after closing. Our Litigation Team successfully assisted this client in negotiating with the builder to agree to buy back the home. As a result, our client can move forward from this situation and begin anew.

Defend Small Claims Action

LitigationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

May 15, 2021 –  If you are unfamiliar with the legal system, it can be confusing to know where to start when facing a potential lawsuit. The attorneys at Robinson & Henry PC can help you find your footing and arm you with the knowledge you need, no matter which stage of litigation you find yourself in.

In this case, our client sought legal advice after being served with a small claims complaint regarding unpaid rent. Our Civil Litigation attorneys drafted an answer to the complaint, conducted settlement negotiations, and prepared our client for mediation. Ultimately she felt confident in proceeding with defending the matter on her own.

Successful Stay of Eviction

LitigationAttorney: Kory Edmark

May 12, 2021 – Learning that your home is being foreclosed on can feel stressful and scary. So many questions race through your mind, including, “Where will I go now?” Our client reached out to Robinson & Henry after learning her home had been foreclosed on and she was being evicted.

Our Civil Litigation attorneys negotiated with the opposing party and were able to obtain a stay in the eviction process for more than a month. This allowed our client to gather her belongings from her home and save enough money to find a new place to live.

HOA Dispute Resolution

LitigationAttorney: Kory Edmark

May 10, 2021 – Our client – a home seller – came to us after their homeowners’ association told the title company that the fences on the home seller’s property violated the HOA’s covenants. Our client feared the home sale would fall through due to the violation notice to the title company.

Our client had constructed the fences nearly a decade ago and gave notice to the HOA. However, due to the timing, the HOA could rule that the fences violated the covenants.

One of our litigation attorneys took swift action by sending a demand letter to the HOA requesting it withdraw its notice of violation with the title company. The HOA complied with our client’s demand letter, and, as a result, our client’s home sale was successful.

Responded to Lawsuit Settlement Offer

LitigationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

May 9, 2021 – While Robinson & Henry attorneys help many clients on legal issues from the beginning of the case to the end, our firm also helps clients with matters anywhere along the way. In this case, a client came to us with a settlement offer the opposing party had already provided.

Our role was to ensure the settlement our client accepted was fair. After sending a demand letter and engaging in settlement discussions, our client reached a settlement and received the funds.

Lawsuit Defense

LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

May 8, 2021 – Our attorneys are known for helping clients recover damages in civil litigation matters, but we also represent clients seeking lawsuit defense.

In this case, a client was being sued for more than seven figures regarding a contract dispute. The best outcome for our client was to mitigate the financial hit they were going to take as a result of the lawsuit. Our Civil Litigation Team was able to negotiate a settlement that helped our client save a substantial amount of money and avoid going to court.

Sublease Advisement

LitigationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

May 7, 2021 – An individual sought legal advice before moving forward with subleasing some property within a neighborhood governed by a homeowners’ association.

Many developed communities have a set of convoluted bylaws that regulate what homeowners can do with their property, including whether than can rent it to someone else.

In this case, a member of our Civil Litigation Team answered the client’s questions regarding legal obstacles he may face if he sublets a portion of his home. In addition to helping the client gain a clear picture of the HOA’s rules, we also counseled him on potential future liability due to the sublease.

Breach of Non-Compete Agreement Defense

LitigationAttorney: Eric Neeper

May 6, 2021 – An individual reached out to our litigation attorneys for help when they were notified they had breached a non-compete agreement.

In this case, our client had recently sold a business. The buyer of the business claimed our client had breached the non-compete agreement which was a condition of the sale. Our Litigation Team was able to negotiate a favorable resolution on behalf of our client. In addition to the favorable resolution, we helped our client avoid the time and cost that go along with a court battle.

Failure to Disclose Settlement

LitigationAttorney: Stephen Whitmore

May 4, 2021 – For most individuals, buying a home is the largest purchase and investment they will ever make. That’s why it’s important that buyers know all the facts about the property before they purchase it, particularly problems with the house.

In this case, our client bought a home that had significant structural defects that the seller failed to disclose. Our Litigation Team faced difficult challenges from the seller’s attorney and experts who disputed much of our case. However, Robinson & Henry prevailed and secured a significant settlement for our client.

Responded to a Notice to Lien

LitigationAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

May 2, 2021 – In this case, a homeowner sought our help after a contractor threatened to sue them and place a lien on their property.

The contractor claimed breach of contract based on an alleged contract and alleged work completd on our client’s property a number of years ago. Not only had the statute of limitations run out, there was no legitimate claim to a lien or breach of contract.

Our Litigation Team drafted and sent a cease and desist letter to the contractor on behalf of our client. As a result, the contractor stopped their baseless threats, and our client has confidence their home is not at risk of having a lien.

Demand Letter to Vehicle Dealer

LitigationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

May 1, 2021 – An individual came to Robinson & Henry for help with a problem they were having with a dealership they did business with. The client had purchased a vehicle that needed repairs, but repairs and communication had stalled with the dealership.

This is a case that could have led to litigation, an expensive way to resolve a dispute. Instead, our litigation attorneys started with a demand letter we sent to the dealership. Our team successfully negotiated with the dealership regarding repairs on the vehicle. This route to a resolution saved our client time and money by avoiding a lawsuit.

Prepared Cease & Desist Letter

LitigationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 30, 2021 – With emotions running high in an ongoing dispute, you may be inclined to want to jump right into a lawsuit. Sometimes disagreements can be resolved with a more cost-effective legal tool: the cease and desist letter.

An individual sought help with a problem they had with a neighbor. Instead of using the most costly and time-consuming legal remedy – a lawsuit – our litigation attorney recommended a cease and desist letter, which we prepared and sent on our client’s behalf.

A strongly-worded cease and desist letter often resolves a dispute without ever having to file a lawsuit, as the mere threat of litigation prompts the other party to correct the issue.

Prepared Mechanic’s Lien

LitigationAttorney: Stephen Whitmore

April 30, 2021 – Generally, contractors do not enter into a contract with a property owner expecting major issues, like non-payment. Unfortunately, disagreements crop up and a contractor will be left unpaid. When this happens, a contractor can utilize a mechanic’s lien to force payment.

A contractor hired Robinson & Henry’s Litigation Team for help with this very issue. Our client had performed tens of thousands of dollars worth of work without being paid.

We prepared and recorded a mechanic’s lien on our client’s behalf so they finally get the money that is owed to them.

Drafted Sublease Agreement

General LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 27, 2021 – Sometimes people’s jobs require them to relocate for a temporary but significant period of time. In that case, they might be required to sublease an apartment or office space.

In this situation, our Real Estate Team successfully drafted a sublease agreement for our client.



Cease & Desist Letter

LitigationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 22, 2021 – Tension between you and your neighbor can be downright miserable. That’s exactly what this client was experiencing, and needed our help to reduce.

Our Litigation Team drafted a Cease and Desist letter that was sent to our client’s neighbors. As a result, the negative behavior from the neighbors resolved, and we did not have to pursue additional action – saving our client precious time and money.

HOA Foreclosure Defense

Litigation, Real Estate, Homeowners AssociationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 22, 2021 – An individual came to us seeking help after their homeowner’s association sought to foreclose on their home to satisfy outstanding HOA fees.

Our Litigation Team negotiated with the HOA to reduce our client’s fees and develop a reasonable payback period. As a result, the foreclosure case against our client was dismissed.

Reduce Outstanding Debt

LitigationAttorney: Joe Novak

April 22, 2021 – An individual sought the help of Robinson & Henry’s Litigation Team for a wage garnishment issue. Our client defaulted on a repayment schedule, and a creditor garnished their bank account.

Our litigation attorneys successfully negotiated with the creditor to reduce the amount of debt our client owed. As a result, our client is able to repay the debt through more affordable monthly payments.

$190,000 Investment Recovery

LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 21, 2021 – An individual sought our help to recover a significant amount of money they invested in a property.

Our client purchased a home with a romantic partner, however, our client was not listed on the property’s title. When the relationship ended, our client faced losing the money they put towards the purchase of and improvements on the home.

This was a complex case that could have gone to court. However, we negotiated a settlement that resulted in our client receiving half of the equity in the home, roughly $190,000.

Not only did our client get the equity they deserved, but we also helped our client save time and money by avoiding a lengthy court battle.

Lawsuit Defense

Litigation, Business RepresentationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 21, 2021 – When someone is hit with a lawsuit, it can be a scary and uncertain time. That is especially true if it’s your business being sued. That’s exactly what happened to this client who sought our help.

We successfully defended our client, a business owner, from a lawsuit concerning injuries that occurred on their property.

Demand Letter to Tenant

Litigation, Eviction & Landlord-TenantAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 20, 2021 – A landlord needed help with a tenant who failed to pay rent and ignored a request to take down a fence they installed that violated the HOA’s rules.

Our Litigation Team successfully pursued the tenant’s failure to pay rent and remove the fence by entering into a mutually agreeable settlement agreement.

Demand Letter for Potential Defamation

LitigationAttorney: Kory Edmark

April 19, 2021 – A business owner sought our help after a former customer wrote potentially defamatory statements in an online review.

Our client wanted the review removed. We drafted and sent a demand letter to the customer who, as a result, took down the review.

Roof Repair by HOA

Litigation, Homeowners Association, Real EstateAttorney: Kristoffer Wathne

April 17, 2021 – When a homeowner pays their dues to the neighborhood Homeowners’ Association, they expect the HOA to fulfill its duties. In this matter, a homeowner came to us because their HOA had failed to do its job.

Our client’s roof suffered severe roof damage, and the HOA was supposed to fix it. However, the HOA board was dragging its feet on the roof repair.

After our HOA Litigation Team sent a demand letter to the HOA on behalf of our client, the HOA took action to replace the roof.


Settled Lawsuit for Business Owner

Litigation, Business RepresentationAttorney: David Hannum

April 16, 2021 – A business owner sought the help of Robinson & Henry’s Litigation Team after being threatened with a federal lawsuit that could have resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

The lawyers on this case negotiated a settlement for a fraction of what the damages could have been, and they accomplished this without going to court. Avoiding litigation also saved our client time and additional expense.

Title Company Dispute

Litigation, Real EstateAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 15, 2021 – In this matter, we successfully defended our clients in a dispute against a title company for a title issue. As a result, our clients were put in a better position to negotiate and they reached a beneficial outcome.

Lawsuit Defense

LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 14, 2021 – A client came to Robinson & Henry’s Litigation Team seeking help after being sued for $100,000 in personal injury damages.

Our attorneys uncovered important facts during the critical discovery phase of the case. As a result, the opposing party settled during mediation for a payment of $4,000 from our client.

In addition to saving our client an enormous amount of money from the requested damages alone, we prevented an expensive trial.

Settlement Against Bad Contractor

LitigationAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 13, 2021 – Our client pre-paid a contractor more than $20,000 for services. The contractor performed minimal work and then failed to show up altogether. Our client fired the contractor and demanded a refund, but the contractor disappeared. We were hired to assist in recovering those funds.

We sued the contractor for the return of the funds. We successfully negotiated a $26,000 for our client, at mediation.

Settlement Against Negligent Roofer

LitigationAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 13, 2021 – This client tried for a year and a half to recoup money from a negligent roofer and the roofer’s insurance company. Fed up with the run around from the roofer and the insurance company, we were hired to step in. Our lawyers obtained a $25,000 settlement from the negligent roofer’s insurance company.

Judgment Against Bad Contractor

Litigation, ContractorsAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 12, 2021 – Our client, a property owner, sought help to recover money paid in advance to a contractor who failed to finish the job. As a result of the unfinished work, our client’s property remained in disarray.

We filed a lawsuit against the contractor. When the contractor failed to defend against our accusations, we successfully obtained a default judgment against the contractor for $25,000. Our client was also awarded attorney fees and court costs.

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HOA Foreclosure Defense

Litigation, Real Estate, Homeowners Association, Foreclosure DefenseAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 12, 2021 – An individual faced with losing their home sought help with the impending foreclosure.

The client’s Homeowner’s Association was prepared to foreclose on the home to satisfy an outstanding debt. Our HOA litigation attorneys successfully reached a stipulation with the HOA for our client to pay off their remaining balance and avoid foreclosure.

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Types of Litigation Cases

No matter what side you’re on, a lawsuit or dispute will require you to fight for your rights, and could affect your business, your finances and your property. If you’re involved in a dispute or lawsuit an experienced attorney can provide the guidance you need to get the best outcome. At Robinson & Henry, our proven trial attorneys can build your case and advise you from the initial filing through trial resolution. First and foremost, we will always work to fight for your side. We know it’s important to work to bring a litigation case to a timely and cost-saving conclusion. We want to protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Let our experience guide you. Contact an attorney now for an assessment.