Real Estate Agent Defense

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 15, 2018
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We’ve seen these situations all too frequently among real estate agents:

  • You help your client purchase a home in good faith, only to have them come back on you for nondisclosure of a defect that you had no idea was even there.
  • Your administrative assistant made a typo that misrepresented something in the sale contract and the deal fell through.
  • The client’s earnest money wasn’t handled the way he or she thought it should be.

Whatever the reason, you, as a real estate agent, are a prime target for litigation.  Because of your high profile in the home sale transaction and the perception that you have deep pockets, you can easily find yourself defending against serious charges before the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

The good news is you don’t have to face the commission on your own. The attorneys at Robinson & Henry, led by chief real estate attorney Don “Corky” Eby, are experts at real estate agent defense. We understand the challenges you face.

How we can help

Real estate regulations are complex and changing all the time. We make it our business to stay current with all changes in Colorado real estate regulations, so that you stay out of legal hot water. For more than 10 years, Don owned a real estate company himself. He has a strong relationship with both the Colorado Association of Realtors® and the Colorado Real Estate Commission. He is an association-approved speaker to present the Annual Real Estate Update Course.  Additionally, if you contact the association’s legal hotline, chances are he will be the lawyer to whom you are referred. He is the person you will want by your side if you are unlucky enough to be forced to defend your license before the commission.

Robinson & Henry – real estate agent representation for agents throughout the state of Colorado.

In addition to representation on a particular case, our real estate attorneys can help you with:

  • Contracts that do not fit neatly into the CREC approved forms
  • Property management issues
  • Real estate closings
  • Title disputes
  • Buyer / seller disputes

case assessment

There’s no need for you to endure the worry and stress of defending yourself before the commission or struggling to keep abreast of ever-changing real estate laws. Don and his team of experienced real estate attorneys are here to assist you. For a , consultation call (303) 688-0944.

An Example of a Case We Defended

A broker in the business of property management made just one mistake: he signed a Landlord Agency contract with an unreasonable owner. This resulted in a lawsuit against the broker when the tenant moved out leaving damages in excess of the damage deposit. Fortunately, the broker hired Robinson and Henry to defend him. The result: the broker won the case and the angry owner found himself with an empty house, repair bills and legal fees.


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