How Settling a Lawsuit Gives You More Power Than You Think

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMay 27, 2020
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Did you know that settling a lawsuit could actually provide a better outcome for your case than taking it to court? It could!

If you’ve been sued or you’re considering filing a lawsuit, watch attorney Kayla Banzali’s video. She’ll tell you how settling a lawsuit may be your best hope for a good result.

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A lot of my litigation clients are surprised to find out that a lot of litigation cases don’t actually end up in front of the court. They don’t actually get all the way to trial. Rather, a majority of the time we enter into settlement agreements, or stipulations, where the parties decide the outcome of the case.

Benefits of Settling a Lawsuit

The benefit of these stipulations, or settlement agreements, are that it gives back a lot of control to the parties. With a settlement agreement, the parties can define how the case ends; versus if you leave it up to the judge or the jury, it tends to give uncertain outcomes, because you never know how the judge or the jury are going to come out on different facts of the case.

Important Notes Before Settling a Lawsuit

The important thing to remember when entering into a settlement agreement is that it’s ultimately a contract. So it’s important to make sure that if you want something done, that it’s in that settlement agreement.

And on the flip side, that if you aren’t able to actually do something, to make sure that it’s not in the settlement agreement; because you don’t want to be back, getting that settlement agreement enforced, and realize that what you wanted to get out of the case wasn’t in that settlement agreement, so it’s not going to happen

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