Unpaid Wages? You Have a Right to Recover Them.

David Hannum
By: David Hannum
PublishedJan 10, 2023
1 minute read

You have a legal right to recover your unpaid wages. This short article offers some important information about what you’re owed if your employer doesn’t pay you as well as some great advice about how you can get paid.

We receive calls from clients who tell us their employer hasn’t paid them their full amount of wages. Many times it’s in form of unpaid overtime. Often people are not paid their vacation time when they end their employment relationship with their employer. And sometimes people just don’t get a paycheck at all. Fortunately in Colorado, there is a solution to these problems.

The Colorado Wage Act

The Colorado Wage Act provides that employers must pay employees. Employers who don’t pay employees could be subject to harsh penalties.

If your employer didn’t pay you, they may be forced to pay you two times what you’re actually owed and be responsible for your attorney fees if they do not pay your wage claim within 14 days of the demand. That penalty increase to three times the wages owed for willful nonpayment.

What Makes an Employer “Unwilling” to Pay? 

The designation of willfulness is automatic for employers who have a subsequent failure to pay an employee their wages within five years of the claim being filed.

Colorado Wage Act Traps 

Employees should be aware that the wage law requires a lot of notices and imposes harsh time restrictions. Do not delay in seeking help if your employer hasn’t paid your full wages.

You could be subject to some of those harsh time restrictions and not get your full amount of pay under the Colorado Wage Act.

Let’s Collect Your Wages

Our employment law attorneys help individuals collect unpaid wages. If your employer hasn’t paid you, we can help you determine if you have a claim. You deserve the full amount you are owed. Call 303-688-0944 to begin your case assessment.

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