How to Manage Bad Neighbors

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedJun 1, 2020
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Most of us want to live peacefully among our neighbors. But what happens when you have someone who isn’t so pleasant living next door? What should you do to manage bad neighbors?

Litigation attorney Kayla Banzali offers some great advice about how to manage bad neighbors in this quick-tip video.

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In a perfect world, we all have perfect neighbors who you exchange pleasantries with every once in a while, but ultimately you don’t hear from them very often, and they don’t interfere with your enjoyment of your property.

However, sometimes neighbors aren’t perfect and some neighbors are downright awful.

Maybe your neighbor has changed their landscaping and now has water draining through your yard every time it rains. Or a neighbor who’s installed flood lights on their house that point directly into your child’s room. Or perhaps you have a neighbor who’s installed a fence that crosses over your property line.

Options to Manage Bad Neighbors

Sometimes the neighbors don’t realize that they’re doing it, and all that’s required is a quick conversation to say, hey, can you please stop this?

However, sometimes it requires a more strongly worded letter, or even in some cases, court action.

The important thing to make sure that you’re doing when a neighbor is interfering with your rights as a property owner, is to object quickly so that way your property value isn’t detrimentally affected if you don’t take action and then the neighbor’s ultimately allowed to keep doing what they’re doing.

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