How to Enforce a Verbal Contract

Joe Lico
By: Joe Lico
PublishedDec 2, 2021
1 minute read

The best way to ensure you can enforce a contract is to get it in writing. However, if you did not put those elements down on paper, you may still be able to enforce a verbal agreement. Robinson & Henry Lead Litigation Attorney Joe Lico discusses evidence you may be able to use to enforce a verbal contract.

We Can Help You Enforce a Contract

If you’re having trouble enforcing a contract, whether it’s a written or verbal agreement, we encourage you to reach out to an attorney with experience in contract law and litigation. Call 303-688-0944 to start your case assessment with us.

Do I Need a Written Contract? 

A written contract is always best, but you do not have to have a written contract to enforce a verbal agreement you made with someone else.

It’s a common scenario: homeowners reach out to our attorneys after a contractor has abandoned a project or the craftsmanship was not satisfactory. Many of these individuals did not enter into a written contract with the individuals performing work on their property. Fortunately for them, they may be able to enforce the verbal agreement.

The Evidence You Need to Enforce a Verbal Contract

If you do not have a written contract, you’ll need something to show you entered into a verbal agreement.

Examples of evidence can include:
  • emails
  • text messages
  • other written communications

This type of communication can demonstrate what the scope of work is and its price.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Verbal Agreement

Our litigation attorneys encourage you to push back if a contractor’s work is not to your satisfaction. You have options to enforce a verbal contract. If you’re in this situation, call 303-688-0944 to begin your case assessment.

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