How to Collect the Money Awarded to You in a Lawsuit

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedFeb 19, 2021
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Winning a lawsuit may be satisfying, but that’s not always the end of it. Now you must be reimbursed for your loss. What if the other party won’t or can’t pay. How can you collect lawsuit money you were awarded?

Civil Litigation attorney Ryan Robertson explains the process to collect lawsuit money.

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Say you win a lawsuit against someone, and the court orders the other party to pay you for your loss. The favorable ruling may give you an immediate sense of relief, but, unfortunately, your problems may not be completely over.

A Common Litigation Problem: Failure to Collect Lawsuit Money

This issue, failure to collect lawsuit money, may be a surprise to you, but it isn’t to your attorney. An experienced attorney knows that whenever you get a judgment in a case, there’s no guarantee you will be able to collect from the opposing party. That’s why post-judgment interrogatories are so important.

Interrogatories & Collecting Your Award

An interrogatory is a series of questions used to figure out the assets of the opposing party. The opposing party’s assets can be sold so you can receive the money you’re owed. The court can also place a lien against the opposing party’s assets.

A court can take into account a business’ assets. In the case of an individual or a group of individuals, bank accounts, homes, cars, and other such assets can be assessed.

How a Lien Works

Let’s say a lien is placed against the other party’s property, including his boat. The other party planned to sell the boat, but now it has a lien against it. If he sells the boat, the lien means he must pay off his debt to you before he can realize any profit from the sale of the boat.

Get Help Collecting Lawsuit Money

There are a couple of paths to follow when you try to collect money owed to you in a lawsuit. Whatever path you want to take to get that court order enforced, whether it’s directly following the outcome of the lawsuit or six months later, our litigation attorneys can help.

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