Displaying Flags and Signs in an HOA Community

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedApr 8, 2022
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Colorado law now prohibits homeowners associations from restricting you from displaying flags or signs on your property in most instances.

In this article and accompanying video, Robinson & Henry litigation attorneys explain how a new Colorado law attempts to broaden homeowner protection from HOA overreach.

Our Colorado Attorneys Fight HOA Overreach

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Colorado HOA Regulation of Displaying Flags and Signs

Since the summer of 2021, Coloradans who live in a common interest community—a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association—and wish to display a flag or sign may do so without fear of blowback from their HOA management company.

The law requires HOAs to permit you to display any flag or any sign at any time on your property. State law still allows HOAs to set some limitations on flags and signs.

Previously, homeowners associations were allowed to limit flags to American and service flags. Political signs were allowed, but their display was restricted to just before and after an election.

What Flags or Signs Can My HOA Restrict or Prohibit Now?

The bill states that your HOA may ban flags and signs that have commercial messaging. Your HOA is also allowed to adopt “reasonable, content-neutral rules.”

Unfortunately, the legislation does not provide specific details about what is considered reasonable or content-neutral.

As long as it’s “reasonable,” your HOA may regulate: 
  • how many flags you can fly
  • where you can display your flags
  • how big the flags and flagpoles can be
  • the number of signs you can post
  • the size of your signs
  • where you can place signage

Your HOA may not stop you from installing a flag or flagpole.

My HOA Has Stopped Me from Displaying Flags or Signs

If you feel your homeowner’s association is unreasonably denying your right to display any flag or any sign at any time give our HOA Litigation practice a call. Call 303-688-0944 to start your case assessment.

Also, reach out to us if you feel your neighbors are displaying flags or signs in an unreasonable manner that negatively impacts your life we may be able to resolve that issue for you as well.

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