5 Tips if You’re Hurt in a Crash or Fall

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedSep 11, 2020
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If you’ve recently been in a car crash or a slip-and-fall accident, there are ways to strengthen your case and ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Personal Injury Attorney shares five tips to build your personal injury case.

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Five Top Tips

1. Stay Off Social Media

Now I’m not saying stay totally off of Facebook. But stay off of Facebook in the terms of talking about the accident, talking about the slip and fall. You are free to talk to your friends, family members but stay away from speaking about the accident or any type of slip and fall that you have been in.

The adjusters will find that information. They’re very good at looking at social media to try to ping you in or try to combat your story of how you were injured or how the accident occurred.

2. Do Not Have Gaps in Treatment

Now, what do I mean by gaps in treatment? So let’s say you go to the doctor, and there goes by two weeks, three weeks, four weeks goes by and you don’t see another doctor. So what the adjusters gonna do in that type of situation is they’re gonna come back and say, well, if you were really injured, why didn’t you seek medical treatment?

Those types of gaps in treatment makes the attorney’s job very, very hard. Now also remember that if you have to go to family trips, things like that, or vacation, that’s perfectly fine. But if you’re in the state of Colorado, please be consistent with your treatment.

3. Never Agree to a Recorded Statement with an Insurance Adjuster (without an attorney)

Why do I say that? Right after your accident or slip and fall, what the adjusters gonna do is that they’re gonna call you. They’re gonna, A, try to settle your case as quickly as they can before you talk to an attorney or B, they’re gonna try to get a recording from you.

They will call and they’re gonna act like your friend. They’re gonna say, don’t worry just go to medical treatment, and then send us the bills at the end. They’re reassuring in that type of respect because they actually don’t want you to get an attorney. By them being your friend and being cordial with you, they sound reassuring.

That’s all because they just don’t want you to get an attorney. An attorney will truly give you what your case is valued at.

4. Always Be Honest with Your Doctor 

If you feel pain in your back, feel pain in your neck, feel pain in your hip. Make sure you tell the doctor that, because those types of things, the doctor will put in the medical records. So be honest. Don’t be some type of tough guy or tough girl and not tell him what you actually feel, make sure you tell them.

Another little snippet that’s a part of that, stay away from telling your doctor that you have an attorney. You’d be really surprised at how many times I’ve had clients, where they tell the doctor that they have an attorney. Somehow that just magically appears in the medical records. So stay away from doing that.

5. Be Sure to Get an MRI

Why do you need to get an MRI? Well, I say that because whether or not the MRI shows any type of damage to your back or neck or shoulder or elbow, generally the insurance companies pay out on MRIs, because what happens if it doesn’t show any injury?

Well, we say that she got the injury. She got the MRI because we wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. What happens if it does show an injury? Well, we will make sure that you get the appropriate treatment based of that MRI showings.

So those are my five top tips. Get in touch with us if you’ve been in a crash or fall.

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