The HOA Love-Hate Relationship

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedSep 25, 2020
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Many communities have a homeowners’ association to help maintain a neighborhood’s appearance and value. While HOAs can be helpful, they can also be difficult to deal with.

Real Estate Attorney Kayla Banzali wants you to know you have rights as a homeowner.

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What’s Behind the HOA Love-Hate Relationship?

Most people don’t mind that their homeowners’ association keeps the community looking good, which, in turn, helps maintain the neighborhood’s property values.

Know Your Rights

But an HOA that exceeds its authority can be difficult to deal with. It’s important to know your rights if you have to work with your HOA because, ultimately, the HOA has a duty to act in a way that is beneficial to you.


HOAs that acts in an overbearing way to enforce restrictive covenants can make life unbearable for the homeowner. You have a right to ensure the HOA does not exceed its authority.

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