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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 25, 2018
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Starting, operating, or dissolving a business in Colorado can be complicated. Seemingly simple decisions you make about your business can mean literally thousands of dollars in lost profit or unnecessary expense and liability if you make the wrong choice. Selecting the right lawyer to advise you through this maze of challenges is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner or partner.

The business attorneys at Robinson & Henry will provide the expert legal guidance you need to successfully navigate every situation that arises in your business. We can help you prepare the required forms and file them at the right time with the Secretary of State or other Colorado officials. We will also advise you on strategies to limit your tax exposure and keep you on the right side of the law.

Business Lawsuits

Our trial-tested attorneys have litigated the gambit of business cases. Here are a few examples:

Starting a Business

Are you unsure what type of corporate entity you should form? We will help you discuss the advantages of each and give you the insights you need to decide whether you should form a new S corporation, limited liability company or C corporation. Our attorneys are highly experienced in all areas of business and tax law. We can guide you successfully through every aspect of the startup process. We can prepare:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Partner agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

We work with you to set up your corporation in a way that protects your interests long-term, even if down the road you decide to dissolve your association with your partners. We will help you minimize your risks in owning and operating a business so you maximize your profits while remaining within the boundaries of Colorado and federal law.

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Dissolving Your Business

At the time you formed your business you couldn’t imagine there ever would come a time when you would want to end your corporation or dissolve your partnership. Unfortunately, it happens every day. The business attorneys at Robinson & Henry are as experienced in dismantling a business as they are in setting one up. When we work with you in the early stages of business formation, we will word contract terms to protect the interests of the parties involved. However, even if you haven’t had the benefit of our advice early on and want to end a partnership, we can help you negotiate an amicable solution that disperses assets satisfactorily, or litigate as necessary.

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Throughout the course of operating your business, you will need to create a number of contracts outlining the legal boundaries of your relationship with various individuals and firms. The wording and stipulations of these contracts can have a profound impact on your success and profits. The attorneys at Robinson & Henry will work with you to develop contracts that fully protect your interests not only now and into the future. From software contracts to nondisclosure agreements, equipment lease agreements and financing agreements, the business lawyers at Robinson & Henry will help you make wise contractual agreements in all your business decisions.

Our attorneys are also available to review any contracts you currently have in place and to assist you in enforcing contract arrangements already in place.

General Counsel

Robinson & Henry business attorneys are well prepared to assist you with a full range of ongoing business concerns. We will help you minimize your corporate liability and help you avoid the common mistakes businesses make that can lead to business difficulties, fines and even litigation. As your general council, we will be a trusted resource you can turn to no matter what situation arises in the course of your business dealings from avoiding unnecessary tax exposure to operating in accordance state and federal law.

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