Which Court is Right for Your Lawsuit?

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedOct 12, 2020
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If you need to file a lawsuit, do you know in which court should you file your lawsuit? It’s imperative that it is filed within the correct state or county court.

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In Which Court Should You File Your Lawsuit?

That depends on the value of your case. Higher damages are reserved for district court; less valuable cases are filed at the county level.

Differences between County & District Court

Generally, district court is for reserved for cases above $25,000 in damages or at issue. County court is for cases less than $5,000.

County Court

County court is a more streamlined process. The procedural rules are limited in scope, and discovery is limited in county court.

There are mandatory disclosures in county court that each party much exchange no later than 21 days before trial.

County court is designed to reach a quicker solution on smaller cases.

District Court

District court, on the other hand, is for cases $25,000 and up. District judges may oversee cases where millions of dollars are at issue.

There are two types of case management in district court: regular and simplified.

The simplified procedure can be utilized for cases with less than $100,000 in damages, and its purpose is to try to reach a quicker resolution.

In district court, your attorneys have more time for discovery, which allows you to seek additional information from the opposing party.

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This is an abbreviated description of the differences between district and county courts. If you have a potential lawsuit, reach out to our litigation attorneys. They can help you figure out whether you have a viable case and in which court you should file your claim.

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