Homebuyers! Undisclosed Defects Do Not Have To Result In A Money Pit

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedOct 5, 2020
1 minute read

One common mistake new homebuyers make is assuming that everything in their house will work perfectly because it’s brand new to them. Discovering defects later can be frustrating and stressful.

Civil Litigation Attorney Ryan Robertson shares how you can handle these situations.

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What’s An Undisclosed Defect?

If you’re a potential buyer of a home, one thing that you need to be aware of is a failure to disclose. The failure to disclose is when the potential seller of a home doesn’t give a latent defect, or doesn’t notify you of a potential problem with the home that otherwise you would be able to see.

Who’s Responsible? 

An example of this would be, seeing the color of a wall but not seeing that there could potentially be mold behind that wall. If the potential seller does know about the mold, they are liable for damages, including attorney’s fees, in Colorado.

If you’re a buyer of a home, and something like that happened to you, please call Robinson and Henry. My name is Ryan Robinson, and I’m a part of the civil litigation department.Thank you.

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