How to Find the Best Breach of Contract Attorney for Your Case

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedFeb 28, 2019
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Get the Best Breach of Contract Attorney for Your Case

Contracts are a huge part of our daily lives. Think about how many times you use your credit card every week. You may not realize it, but each time you swipe it you enter into a contract.

Contractual agreements outline specific duties each party is expected to perform. For instance, you promise to pay the money you charged on your credit card.

When you lease a house, you generally sign a contract. You promise to turn in rent on time and not destroy the place. The owner agrees, perhaps, to pay the water bill and make major home repairs.

If you’re a business owner and you order inventory, you probably sign a contract. You acknowledge you will pay for the product, and the supplier pledges to deliver what you ordered.

When someone fails to meet an agreement’s obligations it’s called breaching the contract, and legal remedies can be pursued.

Connect with the Best Breach of Contract Lawyer

Have you suffered a breach of contract? Have you been accused of a breach? If so, you need the best attorney for your situation.

Robinson & Henry, P.C. has a host of litigators who can handle your unique issue. Our firm’s trial lawyers are qualified to cover all types of civil matters, including breach of contract.

When you come to R&H, we will match you with the lawyer who’s best suited to your breach of contract case.

Schedule an assessment here or call (303) 688-0944.

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Qualities of a Superior Breach of Contract Lawyer

Many people have never had to hire a lawyer. They don’t know what to look for in a good lawyer or where to begin.

We can tell you that competence, communication, and compatibility are some of the best attributes of a great attorney.

At Robinson & Henry, you’ll find our breach of contract lawyers will have these qualities and more.

Let’s explore what makes our attorneys great counselors:

Robinson & Henry practice in areas such as business litigation, real estate, probate, fraud, criminal defense, personal injury

Cross Disciplines

Most parties enter into a contract with the best intentions. Unfortunately, sometimes contracts are never fulfilled. Breach of contract disputes can arise from all types of agreements, including:

  • purchase or sale
  • lease
  • employment
  • construction
  • medical care

Many of Robinson & Henry’s breach of contract lawyers specialize in multiple areas. Practice areas often times intersect on a case. Our lawyers’ expertise in different disciplines gives your case an edge.

You can rest assured that all of the bases of your breach of contract case are covered when you work with us.

Our breach of contract litigators specialize in:

  • business litigation
  • real estate
  • probate
  • civil litigation
  • fraud
  • criminal defense
  • personal injury

Here are a couple of scenarios in which a specialized litigator would be best to handle a breach of contract case.

  1. Home Seller’s Failure to Disclose
  2. In Colorado, most home sales use a contract that’s issued by the state Regulatory Agencies Department. This contract includes a provision for the seller to fill out a property disclosure form. Colorado home sellers have a duty to disclose defects in the property that would not necessarily be uncovered during a reasonable home inspection. If they don’t provide this information, they may be in breach of contract.

    A breach of contract attorney who also specializes in real estate would be a good choice for this kind of claim.

  3. Personal Injury
  4. There are some instances in which a breach of contract may be a better option than suing a medical professional for malpractice. While most doctors will never promise a cure or a particular result, there are times when a doctor will guarantee a certain outcome. For instance, a plastic surgeon may promise a certain result. If a written contract outlines results that were not met, there may be grounds for a breach claim.

    A malpractice attorney who also practices breach of contract litigation could be your best avenue for a resolution.

Because breaches occur in various business dealings, you need the best lawyer for your case. At Robinson & Henry, our attorneys are skilled to handle all types of breaches for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Strong Defenses – If you’ve been accused of a breach, our lawyers will review the contract and determine whether the terms are enforceable under the law.

Strong Claims – If you’ve experienced a breach, our attorneys will work to have the contract enforced or develop a strong case to recover damages.

Expert Results

While breach of contract is commonplace, you don’t want a common lawyer. You want an expert who will be the right counsel for your particular case.

Robinson & Henry attorneys cover all facets of contract litigation. When you bring a contract issue to us, you expect results. We want to help you achieve them.

Results oriented. Innovative strategies. Comprehensive solutions.

Our legal experts will explain your rights in a breach claim, and we’ll determine what your legal obligations are to the contract.

You deserve to have your legal issue made right. We are dedicated to achieving the best results for every client.

Our attorneys take a personalized approach to each case. In return, you receive expert results.

Advantages of a Large Firm

At Robinson & Henry, our lawyers only do legal work. That may seem like an extraneous statement at a law firm, but, frankly, many lawyers, especially those who work at small firms, don’t have that luxury.

From paralegals and receptionists to accountants and an on-site IT professional, our lawyers are supported with a fully-staffed administrative team. Our lawyers don’t have to schedule consultations. And they’re not burdened with the bookkeeping that comes with running a business.

Not only does this make our attorneys more efficient, it gives them the privilege of focusing on what’s most important: helping clients.

Access to More Resources

✔ Communication
Communication is key to any successful relationship, especially the one you have with your attorney. At Robinson & Henry, you can count on being kept abreast of your case’s progress.

✔ Team of Attorneys
Since we have a large staff of attorneys, you will have more than one lawyer working on your case. This allows our innovate lawyers to reach a solution for you faster, saving you precious time and money.

✔ Reliability
Because we are a large firm, you don’t have to worry about someone missing an important filing or court date causing a setback in your case. Our attorneys show up.

✔ Hire Great Experts
Sometimes cases require expert testimony. Robinson & Henry has access to industry experts who can help strengthen your claim.

Location Representation

Today, more people are cognizant about where their food comes from, choosing locally-sourced products. And we’ve known for a long time that when it comes to real estate it’s “location, location, location.”

So what about your attorney? Does location matter? At Robinson & Henry, we think so.

Having a local attorney gives your case an advantage. Our attorneys are familiar with the local courts and procedures.

For instance, an argument that persuades one judge may not convince another. Understanding the players in the courtroom before your case ever gets there improves your chances of a favorable outcome.

Let Us Help You!

We know you want to put this contract dispute behind you. The most fiscally prudent way to reach a favorable resolution, and get back to your life, is to negotiate with the other party. But if a reasonable settlement cannot be reached, our lawyers have the experience, skill, and grit to take your case to court.

Schedule a consultation with one of our breach of contract lawyers by calling (303) 688-0944.

We are ready to fight for you.

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