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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 27, 2021
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The decision to hire an attorney is usually is not an easy one for most people. Our website is chock full of great tips and general advice from our legal staff, but we thought you may want to hear what our clients have to say about the legal process.

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Check out some of the results we have achieved for our clients:

1. Take Advantage of the case assessment

“It costs nothing to ask whether or not [you] feel you have a case. I started out floating my case on a legal forum offered by Robinson & Henry.  Mr. Eby replied promptly to my questions, and it gave me the extra push I needed to proceed to a meeting.”

2. Be Certain You are Ready to Commit

“Make sure you are financially and emotionally ready to take on this endeavor. Many spout off saying ‘I’m gonna sue you,’ but that is not a phrase one should use lightly. Emotions run high when someone feels like they’ve been wronged. … If you feel that based on the facts as you understand them, and based on principles that you hold dear to your heart are worthy of your time and resources, hiring legal representation is absolutely a path that I would endorse.”

3. Maintain Good Records

“Keep everything related to your case. Document everything in writing when possible. Never assume anything and never assume that someone will do the right thing by you or the law. When in doubt, get it in writing, even if you feel it is minor.”

4. Be Honest with Your Attorney

“Lawyers protect you, but you have to be willing to do your homework and provide them with the necessary information and documents to enable them to do their job as effectively and efficiently as possible.  If there is something you may have done that could harm your case, disclose that to your legal team and let them figure out how to navigate any weaknesses.”

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