Consumer Protections for Individuals Hurt by COVID-19


Many Coloradans are struggling to stay afloat right now due to the vast economic impact from the novel coronavirus. In light of this, attorney Elizabeth Domenico has some important debt resolution information that may benefit you during this unprecedented time.

There are a number of non-bankruptcy consumer protection options. Many creditors are suspending collection of debt or allowing forbearance and deferment options.

A member of our Debt Resolution Team can look at your individual case and help with keeping you in good standing. If you have had to default on debt, we can provide a way to get you back on the right repayment track.

Additionally, the federal government has temporarily relaxed some bankruptcy rules, a move that allows more individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic to seek bankruptcy protection.

For instance, the debt limit for small businesses has been significantly increased, and exceptions have been made for income. There is also help for some people who already have a bankruptcy payment plan in place.

We can explore which option may work best for you during a free meeting. Set up a time to talk with a member of our Debt Resolution Team at 303-688-0944.

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