Bankruptcy Lawyer Liz Domenico Appears On Channel 2 News

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 25, 2016
1 minute read

Our bankruptcy lawyer, Liz Domenico, was featured on Channel 2 News along with some of the other members of the Robinson and Henry team talking about debt and bankruptcy. They took the time to answer some questions about both of these topics and dispel some of the common myths associated with bankruptcy. Here is what Liz had to say:

Many People Think They’ll Lose Everything When Filing for Bankruptcy, Is This True?

“In most instances you’re not going to be losing property such as house and cars. However, there are state specific laws protecting your assets, that’s why its really important that you contact an attorney who represents individuals in this context to be able to get your specific situation addressed.

Will Filing for Bankruptcy Ruin Your Credit for 10 Years?

“That’s another misconception. The reporting of the bankruptcy itself does show up for seven to ten years, but the negative impact that it has on your credit if you’re responsible post-bankruptcy is about one to two years and you can be back in the seven hundreds”

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