Robinson & Henry Bankruptcy Fees

December 7, 2018 | Bill Henry

Picture of a person looking at a computer with Robinson & Henry's bankruptcy fees


If you are considering bankruptcy, you are probably experiencing financial strain and we understand that it can be difficult to pay a large retainer upfront. We provide a variety of programs so you can get the assistance you need:

  • free case assessment with our lead bankruptcy attorney Liz Domenico
  • A monthly payment plan so you can pay for our legal services over time
  • No money required when you sign our legal services agreement. Get started right away.

How this helps you:

  • You can immediately let your bill collectors know that you are represented by an attorney
  • Have access to an attorney that can answer your bankruptcy questions and any problems such as lawsuits, that you encounter
  • File as soon as you are ready and get a fresh start

Since our fees may vary by the type of bankruptcy, please refer to the specific practice ares for more information:

We know that debt problems can seem insurmountable. Take the first step towards debt freedom and reduce the anxiety you are facing by calling our bankruptcy attorneys now at (303) 688-0944 or schedule online.

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