How to Build a Case for More Parenting Time

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedJan 24, 2020
1 minute read

No. 1 Spend Time With Your Kids NOW

One of the best ways to build your case for more parenting time is to exercise your current custody arrangement. A judge wants to see that you are a reliable parent who devotes quality time to their children. Also, be on time for pick up and drop offs.

No. 2 Do NOT Badmouth Your Ex

A judge will not be happy to hear that you have said negative things about your ex in front of your kids. If you’re children are with you, even if they are not in the same room as you, do not disparage your ex. Little ears are always listening. So, take the high road, and bite your tongue.

No. 3 Co-Parent with Your Ex

Even when your ex is difficult, you should make every attempt to work with your ex-spouse regarding your kids. Also, do not undermine your ex. Show your children – and the court – that you still support the other parent even though you’re no longer married. It won’t be easy, but your efforts will pay off.

No. 4 Do Not Engage Hostility

A. B. C. – Always Be Civil to your ex, and “walk away” from argumentative conversations and spiteful behavior.

No. 5 Document, Document, Document

Document everything. Save emails and text messages that demonstrate you’re involved in your children’s lives. Hold on to hostile communications from your ex. Jot down dates and times when your ex is combative. This kind of information is helpful when you’re ready to move forward with requesting more parenting time.

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