Obtained Copy of Child Support Order for Mortgage

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

May 26, 2021- Many people may not know that child support payments can be added to your regular income from your job and be used to qualify for a home mortgage. These payments boost your overall monthly income, which means you may be eligible for a bigger mortgage than you first thought. That means you can afford a better home for yourself and your family. However, first you’ll need to provide documented proof of your payments.

Our client moved across the country after his divorce and was looking to buy a new home. He needed a copy of his child support order to show his mortgage lender as soon as possible. However, he only had the names of the parties and the county in which the divorce was finalized.

The case file had not been digitized, so our family law attorneys could not access the case online. They tracked down the client’s case number and the specific courthouse where the order was located. Our attorneys then traveled to the courthouse, got a copy of our client’s order, and emailed a scan to him the afternoon of the same day of his initial consultation. Our client was very happy and will be able to move into his home much sooner because of our attorneys’ knowledge and diligence.

Dissolution of Marriage

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

May 24, 2021- Divorce can get messy even when no children are involved. These cases can drag on for months on end, or even years. This is stressful and can leave you feeling like your life is in limbo. Our family law attorneys have your best interests at heart and will fight aggressively for a legal outcome that most closely matches them.

After a lengthy legal battle over spousal maintenance and property division between our client and his former spouse, we successfully settled the divorce days before the final orders hearing. Now our client can begin to heal.

Help with Initial Divorce Paperwork

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 27, 2021 – As people are able to conduct more of their own legal work in simple cases, sometimes all they need is a little help with the paperwork. This is especially true when both parties agree on the provisions of the divorce.

In this case, our family law attorneys helped a client complete the initial divorce paperwork. Doing so allowed the client to file for divorce on his own which saved him money.




Sole Decision-Making Win

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 23, 2021 – An individual reached out to our Family Law Team after their ex-partner filed for divorce and custody of their child. While the ex-couple had a child together, they never married.

The child’s safety was at the forefront of this case. Our client endured an abusive relationship with their ex-partner who also had a substance abuse problem.

The court recognized what was at stake in this case and awarded our client sole decision-making, primary parenting time, and child support. Additionally, we successfully defended against the false marriage claims.

Parenting Plan Development

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 15, 2021 – A single father sought the help of Robinson & Henry’s Family Law Team to develop a parental responsibilities plan with his ex-partner for their child.

Our lawyers were able to work with the other party’s attorney to create a plan that worked for both parents. We submitted the proper documents to the court. There was no need for mediation or trial which saved our client potentially thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court costs.

This single dad now has a proper parenting plan that sets him on a path to a rewarding relationship with his child.

Complex Divorce

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 14, 2021 – In this family law matter, an individual sought help after their long-time partner filed for divorce. The couple had been together for many years, but they never married.

A judge likely would have deemed this relationship a common-law marriage. However, through aggressive negotiations, our divorce attorneys obtained an out-of-court settlement in this complex case. Resolving this matter outside the courtroom saved our client quite a bit of money.

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Stepparent Adoption

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 7, 2021 – In this case, a stepparent wished to adopt their stepchild. After reviewing and filing all the legal paperwork, the client’s petition to adopt the child was successful.

Past results afford no guarantee of future results; each matter is different and must be judged on its own merits.