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Fight Burglary Charges in Colorado

Nov 7, 2022

If you’re convicted of burglary in Colorado, you face years in prison and exorbitant fines. Don’t take the risk of represen...

Sealing Criminal Records Can Improve Your Life

Dec 21, 2021

Why You Should Consider Sealing Criminal Records A criminal record can haunt you for years after the incident is long behind you. It ca...

How to Avoid Jail if You Miss a Court Date

Jun 16, 2021

You’ve probably heard that if you miss a court date you’re off to jail. Well, that can be true. But there are steps you can...

Expunging & Sealing Criminal Records

Jun 16, 2021

People often think sealing and expunging criminal records are the same. They’re actually quite different, though. In this article...

Understanding Your Criminal Charges

Jun 16, 2021

If you face a criminal charge, you may find it difficult to understand your criminal charges. You may wonder exactly what they are and ...

Sealing a Criminal Record

Jun 16, 2021

Sealing a criminal record can be a total game-changer for you. It can improve your chances of getting a better job, a better place to l...

Gun Owners Required to Report Lost or Stolen Firearms

May 25, 2021

It’s now a law in Colorado to report stolen guns. Under the new law, gun owners are required to not only report stolen guns but a...

Know the Difference between Arrest & Detention

Dec 4, 2020

Detention versus arrest? Consider this scenario: You’re driving down the interstate when you notice blue lights in your rearview ...

Reasons to Waive Your Right to a Speedy Trial

Dec 2, 2020

Waiving your right to a speedy trial does not always make sense. However, there are circumstances where an attorney thinks it is approp...

When Police Can Search Your Car Without a Warrant

Dec 2, 2020

Can police search your car in Colorado without a warrant? If you answered no, you’re wrong. In fact, if police tow your car, they...

Understand Your Rights if You Encounter Police

Aug 14, 2020

Do you have to answer a police officer’s questions if they stop you on the street? Can you turn around if you see a sobriety chec...

Colorado Criminal Statute of Limitations | Criminal Defense Attorneys

Aug 15, 2019

In the U.S., defendants have a right to due process under the law. They also have the right to a fair trial. When crimes are not prosec...

Been Charged With Theft In Colorado? Fight Theft Charges With the Help of a Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

Aug 21, 2018

From the moment you are arrested for theft, the prosecution starts building its case against you. Learn how to protect yourself. We can...

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