Find out if your criminal records can be sealed in Colorado.

Picture showing a criminal record that was sealed in ColoradoCan your criminal record be cleared or sealed in Colorado?

A criminal record can haunt you for years after you thought an incident was well behind you. It can even interfere with your ability to be hired for a good job or stand in the way of you renting a home that’s ideal for your family.

Many people think that just because their case was dropped after an arrest, the case was dismissed or they were acquitted in trial that their record is automatically clear. This is not the case. If you’ve ever been arrested and in some situations where you were have merely been charged but not found guilty or the case was dismissed, the stigma of a criminal arrest still stains your criminal record. It is sitting there ready to interfere with your life and create problems for your family.

Today, with the help of the internet uncovering a criminal record is easier than ever. Your past becomes an open book to potential employers, landlords, vendors and even neighbors wanting to find out about your past.

An experienced criminal attorney can help you wipe clean much of the information on your criminal record and clear your name so you can move beyond the incident from your past that holds you back.

Which records can be sealed in Colorado?

  • Arrests for charges that have been dropped
  • Arrests that go to trial but result in your acquittal
  • Arrests that result in dismissal because you’ve pled guilty in another case
  • Arrests made when you were a juvenile
  • Certain dug convictions even when there is a guilty plea

How do I have my criminal record expunged?

The entire process of having your record expunged can take up to four months to complete, so the sooner you contact our attorneys the sooner you can begin clearing your name. Don’t wait until you have applied for a job to find out that the record you thought was clear has troubling blemishes from the past that you thought was well behind you.

The process of sealing records so they are only accessible by the courts and law enforcement can be complex and time-consuming. Our attorneys will petition the court to seal your criminal records and represent you through the hearing if one is needed. All parties interested in your case, such as law enforcement, the district attorney’s office and others, will be notified of your petition. If the court receives no objections, your petition may be granted without having to go through a court hearing.

However, if a hearing is held, the judge will listen to objections and hear evidence before making a decision about whether to expunge your record or keep your record permanently available for public review. If your record is expunged, it becomes a crime for anyone to reveal anything about your criminal record. It will appear as if the incident never happened and you can get on with your life.

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