Been Charged With Theft In Colorado? Fight Theft Charges With the Help of a Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedAug 21, 2018
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Theft is an offense the police and Colorado courts take very seriously. If you are ever arrested for theft, you will be immediately confronted with difficult and potentially life-changing decisions. Don’t risk representing yourself.

Be smart – from the moment you are arrested, don’t answer questions or waive your rights. Instead, immediately call an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. What you do in these early hours and days can potentially have an impact on your life that will linger for years to come.

What are the potential consequences of a theft conviction in Colorado?

Whether you face misdemeanor or felony theft charges, the outcome can be grave. Fines, lengthy probation, jail or prison sentences can all follow a conviction, depending on the seriousness of the theft and surrounding circumstances. Beyond that, once you have a theft conviction on your record, it can be difficult to get hired, be admitted to colleges or receive financial aid.

What are the penalties for various theft charges in Colorado?

If your class 5 felony pickpocket charge involved force or threat of harm, it is automatically reclassified as a robbery in Colorado which is a class 4 felony.

Circumstances hold great significance in a Colorado theft charge

Factors that may influence the final outcome of a case include prior criminal history, whether the act was impulsive or carefully planned, whether the victim was an at-risk adult or child, or whether the act was committed while in a position of trust or against an employer.

If you have been arrested for stealing twice or more within a six month period, the prosecutor is allowed to combine the value of the thefts when arriving at the charge. For instance, if you stole $200 in March and $400 in June of the same year, you could be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor instead of two class 2 misdemeanors, which can mean you will face a larger fine and risk spending more time behind bars.

How an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will help

From the moment you are arrested, the prosecution is already starting to build its case against you. They have a strong advantage. The only way to protect yourself is to hire a skilled criminal lawyer who knows how the criminal justice system works. Call a criminal lawyer and don’t answer any questions without your attorney being present. Your Colorado criminal defense lawyer knows that specific intent is very important in a theft case and will work to safeguard your rights.

If you live in Denver, Littleton, Castle Rock or the surrounding area, the attorneys at Robinson & Henry will provide you with expert criminal legal advice and representation. Make our offices your first phone call if you or a family member is charged with theft in Colorado. Call 303-688-0944 for an assessment with our criminal theft lawyers.

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