Colorado Landlord Attorney: Advice for landlords

November 6, 2018 | Bill Henry

When you are the landlord

Have you ever rented a home to someone who virtually destroyed your property before you could have them evicted?

If you have a good tenant, one who pays their rent on time and takes good care of your property, being a landlord can be a rewarding proposition. However, as we know from experience, there are far too many occasions when renters do not pay on time, when they trash your property and when you’re left wondering how quickly you can regain possession of your property. Don Eby and his associates at Robinson & Henry are your best advocates when it comes to handling the intricacies of the landlord-tenant relationship. They will help you draft lease agreements – or review the one you already have – and make sure it protects your interests. If you find yourself needing to evict a troublesome tenant, collect unpaid rent, or ensure that security deposit issues are solved legally we can help.

Robinson and Henry is proud to be known as the Kick’em Out Quick eviction attorney across the entire Front Range.

Three Most Common Landlord Questions

  1. How do I get the tenant out of my house during the course of the lease?
  2. My tenant owes rent – how do I evict?
  3. The tenant is destroying my house. What can I do?

Don’t be this landlord!

The landlord rented a house to tenants. As happens, the written lease was verbally altered and extended in a month-to-month fashion. Eventually, the landlord decided that she wanted to sell the home instead of continuing to rent it. Thus, she delivered a “Notice to Pay or Quit” instead of a “Notice to Quit.” The use of the wrong notice and procedure resulted in a four-month eviction case and a civil rights complaint. Handled correctly, using the correct notice, the landlord would have had the right to not renew the lease for the future month, avoiding months of wrangling. Don’t let that happen to you.

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