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Our representation of tenants is currently limited to:

  • Residential tenants whose security deposit was wrongfully withheld
  • Commercial tenants in all legal matters

Have you ever rented from a landlord who unfairly kept your security deposit after you moved out or one who attempted to “evict” you without a court order or for no reason? What about a landlord that thinks he or she has the right to barge into your home or business anytime he or she likes? These are only a few of the reasons why tenant’s should contact an attorney when they have a dispute with their landlord. The attorney’s at Robinson and Henry can help!

In the following video, Don Eby, our lead tenant defense attorney discusses how commercial tenants can get their security deposits back.

When you contact Don Eby about your landlord’s illegal actions, he’ll immediately make you feel comfortable and that you finally have someone in your corner to fight for your rights. If you’ve received a notice of eviction, you should immediately seek out legal advice. Attorney Don Eby and his associates understand the limitations of the landlord’s power over tenants and can ensure that your landlord has not broken his or her contract with you.

There are two types of evictions “for cause” and “without cause.” In Colorado, you cannot be evicted “without cause” unless your lease has expired and the landlord has given you adequate notice. If your lease hasn’t expired, you can typically only be evicted if you haven’t paid your rent or have violated a condition of your lease.

Evictions can move fast in Colorado. If you’ve received an eviction notice and haven’t responded, you can be evicted from your home in a matter of days. As a tenant, you do have a right to a trial where you can defend yourself against your landlord’s accusations. However, being slow to act can result in the loss of that right. The time to act is on the day you receive a notice of eviction.

Three Most Common Tenant Questions

  1. Can I force my landlord to return my damage deposit?
  2. Can my landlord lock me out of my home because I am late with the rent?
  3. My home is uninhabitable. Am I obligated to continue paying rent?

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