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Successful Post-Divorce Modification

Family LawAttorney: Marlana A. Caruso

June 15, 2021 – When a couple with children divorces, they receive not only a decree of the divorce but also a parenting plan that covers parental responsibilities and physical custody. Sometimes, parents have to revisit these orders. Changes to a divorce decree are called a post-decree modification. And that’s why this client reached out to our Family Law Team.

In this particular case, a father wished to obtain residential custody of his child. Our client believed he could provide a more stable home for the child who needed ongoing support for psychological issues that he felt were not being entirely addressed at the mother’s home.

The court agreed and awarded our client residential custody and resolved the issues pertaining to the child’s therapy.

Successfully Refuted Common Law Marriage

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

June 12, 2021 – A common law marriage that ends can be more complicated than a union that went through the formal process. For starters, the parties may disagree on whether their relationship ever constituted a common-law marriage at all.

That was the case for our client, who came to us because his former partner claimed that they were married and he disputed it. Our family law attorneys were able to successfully litigate the issue and disproved that a marriage ever existed.

After our attorneys won the marriage issue, we then successfully negotiated a mutually agreeable parenting time arrangement for the parties’ child.

Sole Decision Making Responsibility for Mother

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

June 11, 2021 – In child custody cases, the ideal solution typically involves both parents equally participating in their child’s lives. Unfortunately, sometimes one parent might act in ways contrary to their child’s best interests. In those cases, courts will often limit parenting time for that parent.

In this case, the father of our client’s child had a significant history of both criminal activity and drug use. Our family law attorneys filed a motion for allocation of parental responsibilities. As a result, a judge awarded our client sole decision-making power for the child. The father will have weekly supervised visits with the child, based on his history of drugs, alcohol, domestic violence and child abuse.

Additionally, our Family Law Team was able to get an income assignment for child support from the opposing party despite his efforts to avoid providing the required information.

Dissolution of Marriage with Children

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

June 9, 2021 – It’s no secret that divorce cases can get contentious. Unfortunately, one may even try to retaliate against the others during the proceedings. Thankfully, the family law team at Robinson & Henry has experience with even the most difficult cases.

In this case, we successfully negotiated the dismissal of a protection order brought against our client by his former spouse. We also ensured that our client had his day in court to defend against his ex-wife’s desire to alienate him from his children and deprive him of his hard-earned property.

Dissolution of Marriage

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

June 9, 2021 – Our client and his spouse were divorcing after less than three years of marriage. He initially thought it would be an easy uncontested joint filing. However, his wife indicated that she planned to attack our client’s interests in a family trust fund he had inherited. That’s when our client sought the assistance of Robinson & Henry’s family law team.

Our attorneys were able to settle the case where the client kept the marital residence and 100 percent of his interest in the family trust. We did this by demonstrating that the wife was unlikely to succeed at trial due to the relatively short duration of the marriage. Our client also avoided having to pay spousal maintenance.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Family LawAttorney: Christopher Sutton

June 9, 2021 – In most family law cases, the ultimate goal is to see children benefit from relationships with both of their parents equally. Unfortunately, sometimes one parent may repeatedly make decisions that are not in the child’s best interests. If this happens, courts will often award more time to the other parent.

In this case, our client had a child with a woman he had never married. The child’s mother had a history of drug use and was described by our client as “flaky.” She drifted in and out of her daughter’s life and made bad parenting decisions when she did see the child. Our family law attorneys presented evidence of the mother’s unreliability and convinced the court to award our client sole decision-making responsibilities for the child. The court also ordered the mother to pay our client monthly child support.

Dissolution of Marriage with Child

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

June 6, 2021 – Divorce doesn’t always have to spell disaster. The family law team at Robinson & Henry is here to help you navigate every step of the Colorado divorce process.

In this case, our family law attorneys provided legal advice concerning court requirements, assisted in the preparation of a separation agreement and parenting plan, and reviewed documents prepared by our client to be filed by the court.

Increased Parenting Time

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

June 6, 2021 – Child custody cases are not always set in stone. When parents separate or divorce, a judge may issue an initial child custody order that outlines the custody arrangement. However, if circumstances change, the court can modify the order at any point until the child turns 18. All it takes is one parent to request modification with the court and for the judge to agree.

The court can modify the child custody order if a judge finds 1) there has been a substantial change of circumstances affecting the welfare of the child, and 2) that modification is in the best interest of the child.

In this case, our client was concerned that her child’s father was having trouble getting their son to school on time and making sure he completed his schoolwork. Therefore, our family law team filed to increase our client’s parenting time. A court-appointed child and family investigator agreed. At the hearing, our attorneys actually obtained more parenting time for our client than the investigator even recommended.

Obtained Restraining Order for Domestic Violence Victim

Restraining OrdersAttorney: Kristina M. Bush

June 6, 2021 – A person who is a victim of domestic violence needs to take action quickly to protect themselves. Seeking a domestic violence protection order is one of the best ways to gain legal protection from domestic violence. This type of order prohibits the violent or threatening party from restraining the victim, stalking, sexually abusing, or entering or traveling near specific locations where the victim may be.

In this case, our family law attorneys successfully represented a domestic violence victim to secure a protection order against her abuser. We also negotiated a stipulated extension of that protection order for six months.

Post Decree Relocation of Minor Child

Family LawAttorney: Alyssa Little

June 5, 2021 – Child relocations tend to be very contentious and complicated matters. In deciding whether a child should be permitted to relocate with a parent, Colorado courts must determine whether the relocation is in the best interest of the child.

In this case, our client lived in Colorado and his two young daughters lived in Oklahoma with their mother, who was then the parent with primary parenting time. The mother had moved several times over the last few years and kept switching the children’s school. As a result, the girls had started to fall behind. Our client sought school-year parenting time for the children’s stability and education.

Our family law team successfully defended against the mother’s motion to relocate with the children. The children now live primarily with our client in Colorado and will spend summers and holidays with their mom in Oklahoma.

Post Degree Modification

Family LawAttorney: Mark C. Smith

June 5, 2021 – There are few challenges more difficult than going through a divorce and having a child with special needs. Issues of child custody, visitation, and support and property division become significantly more complex. Unfortunately, divorce proceedings can get ugly if the parents do not agree on the child’s best interests. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a seasoned attorney like the ones at Robinson & Henry PC.

Our family law team accomplished all goals of the client in this matter. We got the court to agree to change the minor child’s residential placement to our client. We also resolved significant family and psychological issues pertaining to the client’s son. The case was a complete success with a total reversal of fortune for the parties in the matter, vindication and success for our client.

Successful Negotiation of Temporary Parenting Time Arrangement

Family LawAttorney: Marlana A. Caruso
June 3, 2021 – In any child custody case, the court’s top priority is the safety and well-being of the child. Sadly, parents sometimes act in ways contrary to that. Family law courts take this kind of behavior very seriously.

Our client came to us after having to file emergency motions to try to get her baby back from the infant’s father, who was withholding him from her. The baby’s father even went so far as to assault our client when she tried to retrieve her child. We helped the mother achieve a temporary parenting time arrangement that is enshrined in a court order. Now the father will be legally unable to withhold the child from his mother in the future.

Dissolution of Marriage with Child

Family LawAttorney: Marlana A. Caruso

June 3, 2021 – Sometimes a spouse is unwilling to cooperate with divorce proceedings. Fortunately, Colorado doesn’t require the approval of both spouses to obtain a divorce. If one spouse can show that the other spouse has been unresponsive or refused to participate in the divorce process, a judge may choose to enter a default finding based only on the information provided by the cooperating spouse.

In this case, our client had not seen or heard from her husband since he was arrested for domestic violence over a decade ago. Her husband also had had zero contact with their child. The divorce attorneys at Robinson & Henry PC successfully obtained a dissolution of marriage for our client via default proceedings.

Dissolution of Marriage with Child

Family LawAttorney: Julia Avellaneda

June 3, 2021 – Divorce is a painful process. Many people want to get it over with as soon as possible — sometimes so badly that they agree to unreasonable terms just for the sake of expediency. Fortunately, the divorce attorneys at Robinson & Henry PC can help save you time without sacrificing efficiency.

In this case, our family law team helped our client successfully reach a full separation agreement and parenting plan, all while avoiding a hearing. Now our client’s healing journey can begin.

Arranged Formal Custody Agreement

Family LawAttorney: Marlana A. Caruso

June 1, 2021 – Family law custody cases are some of the most contentious matters we see at the firm. But this particular case was, thankfully, easy to resolve.

In this case, our client and his ex-spouse had an informal custody arrangement that our client wished to make official. In other words, he wanted it to be a court-ordered custody plan. This is important for a number of reasons, one being the court can enforce it should either party deviate from it.

We accomplished the client’s goals with a full settlement. We created a plan both parties could agree on, and the matter came to a quick resolution.

Dissolution of Marriage with Children

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

May 31, 2021 – Divorce can strain both emotions and finances. Our family law attorneys work hard to minimize that strain for our clients and set them up for a healthy life post-divorce.

In this case, we were able to negotiate the exact terms of the separation agreement and parenting plan the client requested. The plan included allocating our client the entire marital home and all of her retirement account funds,  in addition to no alimony where our client earns significantly more than the opposing party.

Successfully Avoided Contempt of Court Citation

Family LawAttorney: Julia Avellaneda

May 31, 2021 – In Colorado, a person can be found to be in contempt of court if he or she violates an order or otherwise disrupts the judicial process. Being found in contempt of court is a serious offense that can lead to fines and up to six months of jail time.

Our client had been court ordered to pay $1,000 in spousal maintenance to his former wife. However, his ex-spouse abandoned their jointly titled vehicle at the airport and racked up a $5,000 parking bill. Our client had to foot that bill, along with $2,000 in medical debt and other expenses that the opposing party did not disclose to him. Therefore, he skipped a monthly payment because of the money he was owed. This prompted his ex-wife to come after him for contempt of court.

The family law team at Robinson & Henry, PC, successfully reached a settlement with the former spouse and avoided a hearing for a motion to enforce the court order.

Expedited Prenuptial Agreement

Family LawAttorney: Steven Lambert

May 30, 2021 – There is a common misconception that prenuptial agreements are for the uber-wealthy. In reality, prenuptial agreements – or marital agreements as they’re called in Colorado – can create monetary certainties for couples in all socioeconomic categories in the event one spouse passes away or the marriage ends.

A prenuptial agreement can take some time to create and execute, as both parties must review and agree to its terms. However, our client needed his prenuptial agreement very quickly, which our Family Law Team was able to accomplish for him.


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Parental Abduction Case & Dissolution of Marriage

Family LawAttorney: Nicola Miller

May 28, 2021 –  Spouses can react in appalling ways when a marriage breaks down and divorce looms, especially when children are involved. In some cases, a spouse may take their child without the other parent’s consent. These are some of the most serious types of divorce cases our Family Law Team receives. This was the situation our client was in when they sought our help.

In this matter, our client had not seen their child in many months after their spouse at the time took the child out of the country and refused to allow our client any contact with their child.

The most critical part of this dissolution of marriage was to have the child returned to our client. Due to the opposing party’s continually depriving our client of their child, the court awarded our client sole decision-making authority for the child and made our client the primary residential parent.

Additionally, because the court found the opposing party wrongfully retained our client’s child, we obtained the orders needed to invoke the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Filing this petition expedites the child’s return to our client after being abducted by the opposing party.

This was a difficult case in which our family law attorneys obtained the best possible results for our client.


Grandparent Visitation Rights

Family LawAttorney: Nicola Miller

May 27, 2021 – It can be difficult for grandparents to know their grandchildren are unsafe with their parents. When the situation becomes particularly dire, many grandparents try to intervene. When their efforts are thwarted by one or both parents, some grandparents will seek the court’s help.

That was the case for this client. Our Family Law Team filed a Petition for Grandparent Visitation on behalf of our client. We successfully secured the visitation of this grandparent and finalized an agreement at a pre-trial conference without the need for a hearing. Reaching a visitation agreement without a hearing saved the client time and money.

Post-Decree Relocation with Children

Family LawAttorney: Allison Sutton

May 27, 2021 – It can be difficult to persuade a family law judge to let you move your children away from their other parent, particularly after your parenting plan is already in place. In addition to how your relocation will affect your current parenting plan, a judge will consider whether the move is in the best interest of the children. In this case, a client came to us for help with this very matter.

Our Family Law Team successfully convinced the court it is in the children’s best interest to move out of state with our client.


Learn more about the complexity of post-decree relocation cases. 

Obtained Copy of Child Support Order for Mortgage

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

May 26, 2021- Many people may not know that child support payments can be added to your regular income from your job and be used to qualify for a home mortgage. These payments boost your overall monthly income, which means you may be eligible for a bigger mortgage than you first thought. That means you can afford a better home for yourself and your family. However, first you’ll need to provide documented proof of your payments.

Our client moved across the country after his divorce and was looking to buy a new home. He needed a copy of his child support order to show his mortgage lender as soon as possible. However, he only had the names of the parties and the county in which the divorce was finalized.

The case file had not been digitized, so our family law attorneys could not access the case online. They tracked down the client’s case number and the specific courthouse where the order was located. Our attorneys then traveled to the courthouse, got a copy of our client’s order, and emailed a scan to him the afternoon of the same day of his initial consultation. Our client was very happy and will be able to move into his home much sooner because of our attorneys’ knowledge and diligence.

Successful Contempt Citation in Divorce Case

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

May 25, 2021- A domestic relations separation agreement sets the terms of a divorce, including a parenting plan that dictates how the parents will make decisions regarding their minor children. Both parents must adhere to the parenting plan or face legal penalties, such as a contempt of court citation.

In this case, the mother of his client’s children took away the cell phones that had been provided for the children to talk to him and was interfering with the progress of the parenting plan. Our family law attorneys successfully prosecuted a contempt citation against our client’s ex-spouse to enforce his rights to parent his children.

Modification of Parenting Time

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

May 25, 2021- Divorce is bad enough, and the problems don’t always end once the papers are signed. When children are involved, the parents unfortunately may continue to have disagreements about the child’s best interests. This is where it is beneficial to have a neutral party, like a family law attorney, who can help reach a solution that will benefit both the child and the parents.

In this case, our client requested assistance with modifying his parenting time and child support. Our family law attorneys attended two hearings with the client and were able to obtain the parenting time and child support modification he requested after contested matters.

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Family LawAttorney: Mark C. Smith

May 24, 2021- Divorce can bring potentially painful changes to the lives of not only the parents, but their children as well. And sometimes those changes don’t end after the papers are signed.

In this case, our client retained us after the mother of his child informed him that she planned to move out of Colorado. Since the mother was the custodial parent in this case, the child would also be moving. Our client wanted a formal parenting plan in place that would allow him to see his child and remain an active participant in her life.

Our family law attorneys drew up a parenting plan that spelled out the precise terms that our client desired. Both parties agreed to the plan and our client will continue to be part of his daughter’s childhood.

Dissolution of Marriage

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

May 24, 2021- Divorce can get messy even when no children are involved. These cases can drag on for months on end, or even years. This is stressful and can leave you feeling like your life is in limbo. Our family law attorneys have your best interests at heart and will fight aggressively for a legal outcome that most closely matches them.

After a lengthy legal battle over spousal maintenance and property division between our client and his former spouse, we successfully settled the divorce days before the final orders hearing. Now our client can begin to heal.

Child Support Modification

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

May 21, 2021- Divorce can be a financial strain, particularly for the custodial parent. In this case, our client was receiving very minimal child support after her spousal maintenance payments ended, and her children’s father refused to voluntarily increase his child support payments. Our family law attorneys successfully settled the matter with a substantial increase in child support for our client.

Additional Parenting Time for Out-of-State Dad

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

May 21, 2021- Children represent one of the greatest challenges facing divorcing spouses. This situation is further complicated when the parents no longer live in the same state. The out-of-state parent may feel as though he or she is missing out on key moments in their child’s life. Even worse, the child may feel confused about why their mom or dad’s visits have become less frequent.

Our client came to us with a parenting time plan that was very difficult to enforce. As such, he was not able to exercise as much parenting time as he would like to while living out of state. Our family law attorneys helped him work with the child’s mother to create a more enforceable plan. The plan allows our client more parenting time that is enforceable by the court if something were to happen.

Successful Parenting Time

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

May 20, 2021 – Emotions often run high in divorce cases, even more so when children are involved. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that parents lose sight of their children’s best interests.

Our client sought our assistance because his former spouse was refusing to let him see his child. Our attorneys successfully obtained 50/50 parenting time for our client through an agreement that we were able to reach with the child’s mother without having to fully litigate the matter.

Defeated Frivolous Protection Order

Family LawAttorney: Christopher Sutton

May 19, 2021 – Protection orders, also called restraining orders, are there for individuals seeking relief and safety from harassment and violence, including domestic violence. Restraining orders can be difficult to obtain, and they are equally hard to fight. Sadly, too many people file for a protection order to retaliate against someone, as was the case for this client.

An individual sought our help to fight a protection order that was filed against them – the third one this year and the sixth attempt overall by the same person. The courts declined all the previous requests for a protection order against our client.

Our family law attorneys presented all of this evidence to the presiding judge who found that our client faced yet another frivolous protection order. The judge denied this protection order and made a record of the opposing party’s prior failed attempts. The judge’s note should prevent the opposing party from filing further frivolous protection order hearings against our client in the future.

Emergency Abduction Prevention Measures

Family LawAttorney: Bailey D. Nelson

May 19, 2021 – Child custody matters are incredibly sensitive cases, especially when there is the threat that one parent will take away the child. This is often referred to as parental abduction or parental kidnapping. These are serious cases that must be acted on quickly by parents, their attorneys, and the courts.

In this matter, a client sought our help after their ex filed an Emergency Motion for Abduction Prevention Measures. The ex-partner accused our client of, essentially, abducting the minor children. This was a complex case that not only involved allegations of parental kidnapping but there was documentation of domestic violence among other issues.

Our Family Law Team jumped into action when the firm took on this case. Our attorneys had limited time to prepare for court, but they developed a strong case for our client nevertheless. As a result of their pragmatic efforts, the judge found in favor of our client. While there is more to be worked out for this family, they are headed in the direction of a resolution.

Divorce Without Going to Court

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

May 18, 2021 – Many people’s finances take a hit when they go through a divorce. That’s why our Family Law Team aims to help clients obtain a good outcome without going to court if possible.

Through collaboration and mediation, our family law attorneys helped this client resolve property division issues and parental responsibilities without involving the courts. Accomplishing these important tasks outside the courtroom saved our client time and money, which allows them to focus on moving forward.

Contested Step-Parent Adoption

Family LawAttorney: Joseph Rigney

May 17, 2021 – Step-parent adoption is a common family law matter in which a step-parent seeks to legally adopt their step-child. While that may seem fairly straightforward, these cases can become quite complex if the child’s other parent is still living and decides to fight the adoption. That’s how this case began for our client.

Initially, the opposing party, in this case, contested our client’s request to adopt their step-child. However, when the court date arrived, the opposing party failed to show up for the adoption hearing. As a result, the judge approved our client’s adoption, and everyone was very happy with the outcome.


Timely Divorce Case

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

May 17, 2021 – Divorce cases can drag on for months on end – even years, which only adds to the client’s stress. Our Family Law Team does everything it can to help clients resolve their matters with as little delay as possible.

In this case, our divorce attorneys successfully finalized our client’s divorce within the three-month timeframe, which allows our client to begin to move forward with their life. We were also able to get our client some extra money for joint debts.

Obtained Marital Home

Family LawAttorney: Julia Avellaneda

May 15, 2021 –  One of the hardest parts of going through a divorce is the uncertainty. You aren’t sure what your life will look like now. Maybe you aren’t even sure where you’ll live.

Our client came to us looking to divorce her incarcerated spouse and maintain sole parenting time of their child. Not only did our divorce attorneys successfully complete the dissolution of marriage, we were able to obtain the couple’s marital home for our client. The court ordered the clerk to sign a quitclaim deed on the opposing party’s behalf, since he is in prison. Now our client and her child will not have to endure the added pressure of looking for a new place to live.

Dissolution of Marriage with Children

Family LawAttorney: Courtland Williams

May 15, 2021 – When you’re going through a divorce, you may feel as though your life has been turned upside down. This is even more true if you have children. However, the legal proceedings don’t have to add to your stress. With the help of Robinson & Henry’s divorce attorneys, you can start the healing process in no time.

This was the case when a client came to us seeking a divorce from her spouse and father of her two children. Thanks to our attorneys, the couple was able to amicably settle the issues of dissolution, division of assets and debts, spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support. Even more importantly, they were able to do so without unnecessary litigation. Now their healing journeys can truly begin.

Summer Parenting Time

Family LawAttorney: Steven Lambert

May 14, 2021 – Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but it can be especially tough on children.

In this case, our client and his former spouse had moved to different states following their divorce. His ex-wife, the primary custody holder, was refusing to allow him summer parenting time with their son. Our Family Law attorneys drafted a motion that secured summer parenting time for our client. The motion was accepted by the court and signed by both parties. Our client will now have 30 days each summer to make memories with his son.

Defended Parenting Time

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

May 9, 2021 – Our client, who was married to an abusive partner, requested assistance when the ex-spouse fled the state with the couple’s shared child.

Our Family Law Team filed for abduction prevention measures which resulted in an emergency hearing. The judge heard our client’s plight and ordered the child returned.

Cohabitation Agreement

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

May 6, 2021 – Cohabitation agreements are being requested as more and more couples choose to live together rather than enter into a marriage or civil union.

In this matter, our Family Law Team helped a client create a cohabitation agreement that will protect their assets and interests for the duration of the cohabitating relationship.

Sole Custody Win for Parent

Family LawAttorney: Alyssa Little

May 5, 2021 – Divorce becomes much more complex when the couple has children. The couple may be at odds about how they want to split time with the kids, or the other parent may be uninvolved with the children. Both circumstances are equally complex in their own way.

In this case, we helped a parent obtain sole decision-making responsibilities for their children. The court also awarded our client full parenting time. Visits between the children and the other parent are at our client’s discretion.

Relocation with Minor Child

Family LawAttorney: Mikayla Shearer

May 4, 2021 – Generally, family law courts like to see that children benefit from relationships with both of their parents equally. There are times, however, that courts will grant the relocation of a child which reduces the time the child gets to see one parent.

In cases like these, courts want to see that the move is in the best interest of the child. We helped a client successfully petition the court to relocate their child out of state, as well as modify child support and parenting time.

Protection Order Continuation

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

May 3, 2021 – Many divorce cases involve more than dividing up the assets and creating parenting time schedules. Unfortunately, some divorce cases involve domestic violence.

In this matter, we helped a client extend a temporary protection order. Our Family Law Team negotiated the continuation of order for the maximum time the law allows. As a result, our client can move forward with their case free from harassment and violence.

Won Grandparent Visitation

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

May 2, 2021 – Grandparents sought the help of our Family Law Team to receive court-ordered visitation with their grandchildren. Grandparent Rights cases are incredibly difficult to obtain positive results. Courts give deference to biological parents. And there are stringent requirements that must be met before a court will order grandparent visitation or custody.

Our Family Law Team faced a particularly difficult opposing counsel who challenged our clients’ case’s standing. However, the court found our client’s case did indeed have standing, and the judge awarded our clients parenting time over the parent’s objection. The court also shot down the parent’s request for attorney fees. This is a MAJOR VICTORY!

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Dissolution of Marriage Hearing

Family LawAttorney: Julia Avellaneda

April 29, 2021 – In Colorado divorce is called a dissolution of marriage. And it can be tricky when children are involved. Attorneys on Robinson & Henry’s Family Law Team can always help no matter the circumstances.

In this particular case, our attorneys represented one party to a divorce action where there were children involved through the Final Orders Hearing. It is often beneficial to retain legal representation when a hearing is involved.


Favorable Separation Agreement Negotiated

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 29, 2021 – Every couple shares a dream of a long and happy marriage, but dreams don’t always come true and promises are sometimes broken. When that happens attorneys from our Family Law Team are able to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement.

In this case our attorneys were able to negotiate a Separation Agreement for a spouse that guaranteed a greater payout for the shared home because of contributions they made that the opposing party failed to initially acknowledge.


Temporary Custody Orders

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

April 28, 2021 – Not all shared parenting agreements are between divorced parents. The parents of some children have never been married to each other. Still, unless the parents agree to legally forego all their rights or abuse is an issue, they should be allowed to see their children.

In this case, our Family Law Team was able to successfully prosecute our client’s Petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibilities. At issue, one parent refused to allow the other to see the child for more than seven months.

Our attorneys successfully litigated our client’s case, which resulted in the court granting our client significant parenting time while a permanent agreement can be hammered out.

Swift Dissolution of Marriage

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 28, 2021 – A divorce or dissolution doesn’t have to be a long, dragged-out dispute. If both parties agree to the terms of the split, it can be achieved quite quickly.

In this case, our Family Law Team helped the client resolve their divorce quickly and efficiently. The client was willing to forego a financial benefit in order to move on.

Child Support Modification

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

April 28, 2021 – Agreements over child support can change in the years following a divorce. People’s circumstances change. Old jobs are lost; new jobs are acquired.

In this situation, our client wanted to modify their alimony and child support without going to court. Our attorneys successfully negotiated terms agreeable to both parties. As a result, we were able to achieve a lower monthly payment for our client.

Fight Child Support Modification Request

Family LawAttorney: Steven Lambert

April 27, 2021 – Sometimes life throws us a curveball. For example, the COVID19 pandemic has disrupted life for many people. In this case, though, our Family Law attorneys were able to successfully defend our client after an ex-spouse wanted to reduce child support due to changes bought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our family law attorneys were able to successfully argue that the pandemic was not a “substantially and continuing change,” which is required by the court to modify child support.

Our client was happy when the court denied the opposing party’s request. We were able to maintain our client’s child support payments at their current rate.


Improved Client’s Parenting Time

Family LawAttorney: Steven Lambert

April 27, 2021 – The custody agreement a divorcing couple settles on early in the process may not be the same agreement they end up with.

In this case, our family law attorneys were able to secure unsupervised parenting time with our client’s infant daughter. Eventually, our client will receive overnight visitation. We were able to create a solution that adapted to the parent’s changing needs.



Help with Initial Divorce Paperwork

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 27, 2021 – As people are able to conduct more of their own legal work in simple cases, sometimes all they need is a little help with the paperwork. This is especially true when both parties agree on the provisions of the divorce.

In this case, our family law attorneys helped a client complete the initial divorce paperwork. Doing so allowed the client to file for divorce on his own which saved him money.




Prevented Reopening of Divorce Decree

Family LawAttorney: Mark C. Smith

April 27, 2021 – Even after a divorce is final, former spouses continue to have problems.

In this case, a client came to the Family Law Team at Robinson & Henry to oppose the reopening of their divorce decree. We opposed reopening the case and prevailed after an evidentiary hearing.

Disbursement of Assets After Divorce

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 27, 2021 – Dividing marital assets can be one of the toughest tasks in a divorce.

In this case, a wife sold the couple’s home, claiming it had no marital value. Working on the husband’s behalf, our Family Law Team successfully negotiated an agreement in which the husband received his rightful portion of the proceeds of the home’s sale.


Modified Parenting Time

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 26, 2021- Negotiations over shared parenting agreements can continue after a divorce. Circumstances change along the way and parents often have to be flexible in their custody arrangements.

In this case, a woman came to Robinson & Henry’s Family Law practice after her ex-husband requested a significant increase to his limited parenting time with the children.

The team was able to help our client negotiate a more reasonable parenting time plan than the one her ex had proposed. We were able to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently for our client saving her both time and money.

Child Custody Restriction Lifted

Family LawAttorney: Steven Lambert

April 26, 2021 – In a divorce, the fight over who gets to take the kids sometimes extends even after the marriage ends. In this case, a custodial parent came to our Family Law Team for help to modify a child custody arrangement.

In this case, we were able to rework the shared parenting arrangement by lifting a restriction on the opposing party who showed positive signs of dealing with addiction.


Divorce for Domestic Violence Survivor

Family LawAttorney: Nicola Miller

April 24, 2021 – A domestic violence survivor sought the help of our Family Law Team to divorce their spouse.

Most individuals seeking divorce want the process to move as quickly as possible. That was especially true for this client whose spouse was sent to prison for assaulting them.

We successfully completed this client’s dissolution of marriage in a timely manner, meeting all of their wishes. Our client can now begin their healing journey.

Achieved Sole Custody for Parent

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 24, 2021 – Divorce is difficult, especially when children are involved. In this particular matter, our client sought our help to dissolve their marriage and obtain full custody of their children.

Courts make strong efforts to award equal custody to parents if it is in the best interest of the children, as studies have shown children benefit from relationships with both parents. In this case, though, our Family Law Team argued it would be in the children’s best interest to spend full-time with our client. The court agreed with our family law attorneys and awarded our client full physical custody of the children with sole decision-making responsibility.

Sole Decision-Making Win

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 23, 2021 – An individual reached out to our Family Law Team after their ex-partner filed for divorce and custody of their child. While the ex-couple had a child together, they never married.

The child’s safety was at the forefront of this case. Our client endured an abusive relationship with their ex-partner who also had a substance abuse problem.

The court recognized what was at stake in this case and awarded our client sole decision-making, primary parenting time, and child support. Additionally, we successfully defended against the false marriage claims.

Modify Parenting Plan

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

April 23, 2021 – A parent’s greatest concern is their child’s safety and wellbeing. A Colorado parent approached our Family Law Attorneys with concerns about the environment in the other parent’s home.

Initially, this client’s case began with a post-decree modification that involved a Motion to Restrict Parenting Time.

We were successful in protecting the children from danger in the opposing party’s home. Our client’s parenting time was increased and the parenting plan was modified so our client can better protect their children in the future.

More Parenting Time for a Father

Family LawAttorney: Robinson & Henry

April 21, 2021 – A father came to Robinson & Henry wanting to spend more time with his children. This client, who lives out of state, had a parenting time plan that was difficult to enforce. As a result, he was unable to see his children as often as he would have liked while living outside of Colorado.

Our family law attorneys were able to help him work with the children’s mother to develop a more enforceable parenting time plan. In turn, this father will have more parenting time that is enforceable by the court if necessary.

Child Care Cost Dispute

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Chandler

April 19, 2021 – An individual sought our Family Law Team’s help on a matter involving a child tax credit and unpaid child care costs.

We successfully defended our client against allegations that he was ineligible to claim a child tax credit. The father, who was out of work, was behind on his portion for child care. We were able to negotiate a fair settlement for payment of extraordinary child care expenses that allow him to make payments over time after gaining new employment.

Protection Order Request

Family LawAttorney: Mark C. Smith

April 17, 2021 – Many people in a domestic abuse situation find it difficult, for various reasons, to get help. In this case, a client came to us ready to get the help they needed.

Our Family Law Team was eager to facilitate the request for an order of protection with the court, and it was successfully arranged to provide our client some peace of mind.

Parenting Plan Development

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 15, 2021 – A single father sought the help of Robinson & Henry’s Family Law Team to develop a parental responsibilities plan with his ex-partner for their child.

Our lawyers were able to work with the other party’s attorney to create a plan that worked for both parents. We submitted the proper documents to the court. There was no need for mediation or trial which saved our client potentially thousands of dollars in attorney fees and court costs.

This single dad now has a proper parenting plan that sets him on a path to a rewarding relationship with his child.

High Asset Divorce

Family LawAttorney: Mark C. Smith

April 14, 2021 – Divorce can be an expensive and lengthy event. In this case, however, the R&H Family Law Team helped our client and the opposing party find common ground outside of court relatively quickly.

Our client brought substantial assets to the marriage, which was of short duration. The parties disagreed about how to value and divide some of the marital property. Our attorney counseled this client throughout the process, providing sound legal advice. As a result, our client avoided financial disaster, and the parties reached a settlement they could accept.

Complex Divorce

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 14, 2021 – In this family law matter, an individual sought help after their long-time partner filed for divorce. The couple had been together for many years, but they never married.

A judge likely would have deemed this relationship a common-law marriage. However, through aggressive negotiations, our divorce attorneys obtained an out-of-court settlement in this complex case. Resolving this matter outside the courtroom saved our client quite a bit of money.

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Obtained Permanent Protection Order

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

April 11, 2021 – In this family law case, our client sought a divorce from and a protection order against their spouse. Most importantly, our Family Law Team’s goal was to ensure our client could move forward with their life in a safe and secure way.

We successfully obtained a permanent protection order for our client. Additionally, our client received alimony payments and a favorable property division. The judge also awarded our client some attorney’s fees.

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Negotiated Higher Alimony

Family LawAttorney: Bailey D. Nelson

April 11, 2021 – This client came to Robinson & Henry following an unsuccessful divorce mediation. Essentially beginning anew, our Family Law Team initiated new negotiations with the opposing party.

Our lawyers worked out a larger spousal maintenance payment (alimony) for our client, which will provide peace of mind as they work to rebuild their life after the divorce.

Divorce is never easy, but we successfully drafted a Separation Agreement our client was comfortable with, and overall they were pleased with the outcome.

Divorce & Attorney’s Fees Awarded

Family LawAttorney: Daniel Zarnowski

April 7, 2021 – Divorce is difficult for clients, especially when children are involved. In this case, we obtained the client’s desired parenting time, decision-making responsibilities, and child support. Our client was also awarded attorney’s fees, meaning their ex-spouse would be responsible for paying them.

Stepparent Adoption

Family LawAttorney: Cierra Garso

April 7, 2021 – In this case, a stepparent wished to adopt their stepchild. After reviewing and filing all the legal paperwork, the client’s petition to adopt the child was successful.

Child Support Enforcement

Family LawAttorney: Marlana A. Caruso

April 7, 2021 – This client came to Robinson & Henry with an ex who was substantially behind on their child support. We successfully obtained an income withholding order so our client could begin to recover more than $20,000 in unpaid child support.

Types of Family Law Cases

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