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Eric Neeper

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Types of Employment Law Cases

Federal and state law provides for certain protections in the workplace. For instance, employees have a legal right to work in an environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Employees are also entitled to receive equal pay for equal work. In fact, in an effort to dissuade wage discrimination, Colorado became the first state to require employers to divulge compensation in public job postings.

The employment relationship is the professional link between employer and employees. Ideally, this relationship is based on mutual respect. Employees should clearly understand what is expected of them to perform well. The success of a business hinges on the employment relationship.

Employers have a duty to make certain it follows the law and fosters a safe workplace.

Robinson & Henry’s Employment Law Team is here to serve your needs in both obtaining and maintaining that employment relationship. Our expertise includes everything from workplace discrimination claims to salary negotiations to the unique hurdles faced by public sector employees.

Our employment law attorneys will help protect your rights and vigorously defend them if the need arises.