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Being a contractor can come with complications.

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As a contractor in Colorado, you face numerous challenges, such as worker shortages, tax issues and construction-defect lawsuits. Or you might have hit the frustration of not being paid, which leads to issues with running your business. At Robinson & Henry, we offer the legal resources to help you keep your business on track. If you need support with a mechanic’s lien, fighting a lawsuit, drafting contracts or more, turn to our attorneys. Start with an assessment—call today.

Colorado Contractor Lawyer Resources

Judgment Against Bad Contractor

Litigation, ContractorsAttorney: Kayla A. Banzali

April 12, 2021 – Our client, a property owner, sought help to recover money paid in advance to a contractor who failed to finish the job. As a result of the unfinished work, our client’s property remained in disarray.

We filed a lawsuit against the contractor. When the contractor failed to defend against our accusations, we successfully obtained a default judgment against the contractor for $25,000. Our client was also awarded attorney fees and court costs.

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