Q&A: Could I be Liable if my Contractor Does Not Pull the Right Permits?

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedFeb 19, 2019
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Could I be liable if my contractor doesn’t pull the right permits?

Absolutely. The homeowner is responsible for their home and the construction in their home. If their contractor fails to pull the permits, can they sue the contractor? Probably. But is the homeowner ultimately liable for those permits? Yes. The way that that mechanically works is when the homeowner gets ready to sell, the buyer may look at the improvements that have been made and then go to the county records or city records to see if permits have been pulled. If they haven’t, then that can be a problem for the seller at that time. Additionally, the city may drive by, or the county may drive by during the construction and find that the permits had not been pulled and assess fines or stop work because the proper permits have not been pulled. It will certainly impact the homeowner in those situations.

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