Q&A: What Are Some Common Issues that Lead to Contractor Lawsuits?

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedFeb 19, 2019
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What are some common issues that lead to contractor lawsuits?

Almost always handyman or contractor issues come out of two issues. One being a contract that is not specific enough or, two, money issues. A contract that’s not specific enough usually is, “well, I have a contract – it’s a one-pager.” But then the homeowner wants to contend that the contractor didn’t perform correctly and that the workmanship is not up to the standards that they expected. And maybe those standards were discussed during the buy/sell and during the course of the project, but it wasn’t really reduced to writing and wasn’t part of the contract. So you have this issue of either “workmanship is not up to my standards” or “I’m getting charged more than I expected I was going to be charged” or “it’s taken far longer than I expected”. Those are the primary issues that we see people coming in wanting to sue their contractors over.

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