Estate Planning & Elder Law Lawyers

Types of Estate Planning Cases

Death, disability and incapacitation aren’t fun to think about, but they are facts of life. To best avoid complications, it’s important to understand the things you can do in advance. For example, to ensure that your loved ones understand your wishes for healthcare if you can’t speak for yourself and for distribution of your assets after your death, put together an estate plan, including a will, powers of attorney, trusts and advance directives. Or, if you care for someone who might need to be in a nursing home—or if you know you’ll need to move there in the near future—you should already be exploring how Medicaid can help pay for the skyrocketing costs. And, if a loved one has recently died, you should understand what might happen regarding their estate during probate. For all of those things, guidance from a knowledgeable attorney can be priceless. Call Robinson & Henry today.