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Dealing with the IRS has serious implications. You’re on dangerous ground if you have not paid your taxes, are subject to an audit, not filed tax returns, or under paying what you owe. Even if you are the accountant for a company that has failed to pay its taxes, you can be held personally liable for funds not paid as a responsible party.

The IRS can act quickly and decisively. As soon as you realize you may have a tax problem or receive notice of such a problem from the IRS, you need to seek legal advice. Criminal liability can be associated with a wide variety of conduct, and the IRS routinely files tax liens, garnishes bank accounts, and levies wages.  Your best allies are the tax attorneys at Robinson & Henry, led by managing partner and  tax attorney Bill Henry. They have the expertise and experience you need to resolve your difficulties with the IRS.

The Robinson & Henry difference.  Our interdiscipline team includes professionals with civil litigation, IRS, tax, and bankruptcy experience.  We routinely give our clients suggestions and options  that CPAs and tax resolution firms cannot.

Garnishments, Bank Levies and Tax Liens

When the government sets out to get the money it is owed, it uses actions that can send your life into financial and emotional disarray. For example, garnishment, the taking of a portion of your pay before it even gets in your hands, is often a recourse. The same can happen to your house, car, and bank account. Once tax has been assessed and you have failed to pay, the government can be a hard taskmaster. Fortunately, there is often some room to negotiate and that’s where Robinson & Henry can help you. The IRS, by federal statute, must allow you to protest the amount of taxes that are due and the collection procedures they have used to reclaim it.  We assess your case and determine the best course of action – whether it is an administrative resolutions such as currently not collectible status, offers in compromise, penalty abatement, or an installment agreement – or if we must take legal action in tax court, federal court, or bankruptcy court to protect your rights and your family.

An IRS tax lien against your property means that the government has the right to have your property sold in order to pay off taxes, penalties, and interest you owe for nonpayment or underpayment of taxes. Once the IRS makes a lien, it extends automatically to all property you own and subsequently acquire, until the debt is satisfied. This is an area where there is often room to negotiate with the IRS. If you are facing a tax lien or bank levy on your accounts, contact the tax attorneys at Robinson & Henry immediately.

Failure to File Tax Returns

Maybe you felt you just didn’t have the money to pay your taxes or perhaps you have a disagreement with the IRS and have made the decision to skip your return this year. Whatever your reason for not filing a tax return, the IRS may – even years later – file a return for you, based on information collected from those who have paid you. This can be a very costly situation that often results in the negligent taxpayer not only being liable for tens of thousands of dollars of back taxes, but also being assessed penalties and interest that leave them in an even deeper hole.

If you have neglected to pay your taxes, for whatever reason, call Robinson & Henry immediately for advice and representation. You do have options that may lessen the hardships you face as the government sets forces in place to collect what it says you owe. We will fight to reduce your tax liability and negotiate aggressively on your behalf, securing the best arrangements possible.

Failure to Pay Payroll Taxes

One of your most important responsibilities as a businessperson is to pay your company’s payroll taxes. Often, the IRS will take action as early as six months after nonpayment. Nonpayment of payroll taxes is an expense that will not be wiped out in a bankruptcy. Our attorneys will take an objective look at your situation, advise you, and help you explore your options for meeting your tax obligations going forward and resolving the past-due tax debt. Tax problems have a way of snowballing and becoming bigger over time. The sooner you act to resolve the problem, the better for your personal peace of mind and the health of your business.

Offers of Compromise

The IRS is often willing to work with taxpayers who are unable to pay the taxes owed in full, as long as the taxpayer follows certain stipulations. Robinson & Henry will represent you as we sort out your options for paying taxes owed and the length of time you have to pay them. There are specific requirements in this area and our attorneys will advise you on how best to proceed in order to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Free Initial Assessment

Dealing with the IRS is serious business. It is never wise to go it alone when facing the power of the federal government. If you are facing a potentially difficult tax problem or audit, call 303-688-0944 as soon as possible. One of the great advantages of working with us is the cross collaboration we offer with attorneys working in different areas of the law firm. If your tax problems are related to other business or family situations, we can explore the full scope of the challenges and handle situation expeditiously and with your best interests protected. We are your legal allies. Call us to discuss your challenges and consider your options for moving forward. There is always a solution to an IRS problem. Together we will work to bring your situation to a satisfactory conclusion.

Important Note on Results

Remember, past results are not a guarantee of results in future matters. Every case is unique, and we need to meet with you to discuss your options. The initial assessment is free to discuss your tax problems.