The Colorado Tax Lawyers at Robinson & Henry Protect Your Rights During IRS Audits

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedFeb 12, 2019
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Robinson & Henry Tax Lawyers Defend IRS Audits

“April is the cruellest month.” T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land

Given that Tax Day is April 15, some may identify with Eliot’s poem and its theme of despair. At Robinson & Henry, we want April to reflect what spring symbolizes: the hope for renewal.

When you work with our experienced tax lawyers, you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll have to face the IRS. Audit protection comes with your tax preparation services.

If you’re audited after we file your returns, you can count on us to go to bat for you.

What’s Audit Protection?

Audit protection varies from company to company. At Robinson & Henry, our audit protection plan means a solid legal defense against the IRS. If your tax return faces an audit, our tax lawyers will represent you.

The IRS audits people for various reasons. Understating income, undervaluing an inheritance, or paying late taxes are among the actions that can result in hearing from the IRS.

Robinson & Henry tax preparation services can mitigate your chances of an audit. Our seasoned lawyers know how to leverage the tax code to your benefit while staying within the law.

We stand by our meticulous tax preparation services, but in the event the IRS comes calling, we will defend you.

Nothing Beats Local.

Many tax preparation services offer cheap add-on audit protection packages. But when the time comes to actually utilize it, you could end up with a representative who’s out of state. Often times, this individual is an enrolled agent.

Enrolled agents are tax advisers who are authorized to represent taxpayers for IRS issues. It’s important to note that enrolled agents are not lawyers. The information you provide them is not protected like it is under the attorney-client privilege.

If the IRS knocks on your door, and they can do so unannounced, you will want a legal representative who can meet with you and the IRS auditor face-to-face.

Our IRS defense lawyers are right here in Colorado. With attorneys in Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Breckenridge, we have someone who can confer with the IRS revenue officer in person.

The only way you can guarantee this type of personal defense is by using a Colorado tax lawyer.

When Audit Protection Really Counts.

Robinson & Henry’s tax preparation services with audit defense packages are available to individuals with a variety of income tax return needs. Our tax expertise is especially helpful for businesses and individuals with complex tax circumstances.

How you make a living or when you experience a major life event can affect your tax filing. It can also increase your chances of an audit.

The following situations can create more complex tax circumstances and potentially increase the chances of the IRS ordering a revenue investigation:

  • Own a business
  • Acquire gambling income or losses
  • Experience a divorce
  • Earn a high income
  • Have rental properties
  • Work for cash tips
  • Itemize your deductions
  • Make large charitable contributions

Robinson & Henry’s tax lawyers work hard to maximize your tax benefits and reduce your risk of being audited by the IRS.

Already Audited? We Have IRS Levies, Liens Removed.

While audit defense is included with our tax preparation services, we don’t have to prepare your returns to defend you against the IRS.

Our tax attorneys can still help you even if you’ve already been notified of a pending audit. If the IRS investigation has led to a lien (a legal claim against your property) or a levy (the process to seize your assets) we can negotiate with the IRS to find a resolution.

Robinson & Henry’s tax lawyers have helped hundred of clients:

  • Negotiate reductions in back taxes
  • Set up affordable payment plans
  • Fight mistaken IRS liens

You have legal rights. If you take on the IRS by yourself, you may not recognize when an auditor is violating your rights. You also risk giving the IRS too much information which can put you in legal jeopardy.

Robinson & Henry’s audit defense lawyers will fight for you. Our tax lawyers are specifically trained to deal with IRS investigators. Let us strengthen your case.

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