Track Your 2020 Stimulus Check

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMay 4, 2020
1 minute read

Where’s Your COVID-19 2020 Stimulus Check?

The IRS has sent out millions of stimulus payments in recent weeks. If you haven’t received your 2020 stimulus check, the IRS has a nifty way to track yours down and let you know if it needs more information from you to send it your way.

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Please Note: The following video was created in April 2020.

Hello, everyone. Lucas Frei here, Lead Tax Attorney at Robinson & Henry, P.C. Have some big news out of the IRS today, 60 million of those stimulus payments have gone out.

Check your bank account, may be sitting there waiting for you. If you haven’t received it yet, there’s a new tool on available.

We’re linking to it here with this video as well. Go click on the link there, enter your information in and the IRS will actually let you know exactly where your payment is, whether they’re planning to mail a check, when they’ve sent it to your bank account, et cetera. Great news from them. The website actually works. It’s one of the nicer portions of the IRS right now.

Go ahead and give that a look, and if you found the information in this video helpful, please go ahead and give us a share.

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