Weighing the Options: Protective Orders Versus Temporary Restraining Orders for Domestic Violence

Mar 8, 2024

Domestic violence is a horrific crime that can be difficult to navigate legally because no two situations are the same. In Texas, a cou...

Obtaining Temporary Orders for Your Texas Divorce

Feb 23, 2024

Family law cases take time to sort out. This goes especially for ending a marriage. The average Texas divorce takes six months to a yea...

Dating While You’re Separated

Aug 14, 2023

For some people getting divorced, the idea of finding someone new is the furthest thing from their minds. For others, divorce is actual...

What Should I Do If My Ex Refuses to Return My Child?

Feb 18, 2023

It’s 9 p.m. Sunday and your children were due back three hours ago from parenting time at their other parent’s house. You’ve repeatedly...

FAQ: What types of income are included in alimony payments in a Texas divorce?

Feb 10, 2023

Calculating spousal maintenance can get tricky in Texas divorce cases. This article answers some common questions about this issue and ...

What are a father’s rights to see his child before and after a divorce?

Feb 9, 2023

A child flourishes when both parents play an active role in their lives. As a father, you have the right to spend time with your childr...

Why Collaborative Divorce Works for People Over 50

Feb 2, 2023

Till death do us part? You’ve done your part. Now you’ve decided not to spend your sunset years with a spouse you’re not close to anymo...

Uncovering the Truth in a Texas Divorce: How a Private Investigator Can Help

Jan 29, 2023

Unfortunately, divorce can bring out the worst in people. Your spouse may waste marital assets, lie about having an affair, or try to c...

What are a father’s rights when one parent wants to move out of state?

Jan 28, 2023

Shared custody, with both parents actively participating in their children’s lives, is typically the ideal post-divorce situation. But ...

How Do You Get Full Custody of a Child in Texas?

Jan 26, 2023

Your marriage has ended, and you want the children in your primary care. Whether you believe you’re the more reliable parent or you hav...

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