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Will You Lose Your Retirement in Your Divorce?

Mar 25, 2021

A common question our family law attorneys receive from individuals considering or in the midst of divorce is: will I lose my retiremen...

Why You Should Trademark Your Business’ Name

Mar 25, 2021

If you own a business, you may want to think about trademarking its name. This article will discuss the benefits of a trademark and whi...

An Irrevocable Trust Can Protect Your Money

Mar 25, 2021

Older people and those living with a long-term illness face the need for nursing home care toward the end of their lives. Sadly, too ma...

How to Enforce a Mechanic’s Lien

Mar 23, 2021

A good contractor can turn a home from old to bold with a solid remodeling plan. And for the most part, an experienced crew can carry o...

Why You Should Get Legal Help with a Mechanic’s Lien

Mar 22, 2021

Many contractors whose clients haven’t paid them try to resolve the issue on their own. Perhaps you’ve considered filing a ...

The Power of a Mechanic’s Lien

Mar 16, 2021

Colorado contractors own lots of tools, but perhaps the most powerful one at their disposal is not found on his or her tool belt. Nope,...

Don Eby Lends Landlord-Tenant Law Expertise on ABC Denver 7

Mar 11, 2021

Managing partner and real estate and landlord-tenant attorney Don Eby spoke with ABC Denver 7 reporter Jaclyn Allen about a questionabl...

How to Get a Larger Settlement After a Car Crash

Mar 10, 2021

There are steps you can take to get a larger settlement after you’ve been in a wreck. Getting a larger settlement is not about be...