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Legal Financing by ePay Management

Few clients have budgeted for unexpected legal fees. In an effort to help make it more affordable, ePay Management works to find third-party financing for those in need of high-quality legal representation.

Robinson and Henry is not associated with ePay Management. Our clients may apply for financing directly through the ePay multi-lender platform and financing offers of up to $40,000 will be delivered directly to you.

Simply click the link below to complete a short online application. You’ll receive a response almost immediately containing offers from up to 11 lenders. Once you select an offer the funds will be delivered directly to you.

  • Important Terms & Conditions:

    ePay Management is a third-party vendor with which Robinson & Henry ("R&H" or "we") has negotiated a relationship in order to make their services easily and readily available to our clients. We have no other function in the financing process, and we are not responsible for the application and approval process, loan origination, loan structure, collections procedures, nor for any other aspect of lender practices for any applicant. R&H strongly recommends thoroughly reviewing all lender rules, guidelines, and agreements prior to entering into any business relationship with ePay Management, FlexxBuy LLC, Crowdnetic Corporation, or any lender. As is the case with any financial loan transaction, the borrower should make sure he or she understands every aspect of their financial responsibilities regarding any loan prior to entering into any loan agreement and that the loan agreement suits the individual’s personal financial situation. R&H neither recommends nor endorses, ePay Management, FlexxBuy LLC, Crowdnetic Corporation, or any lender. We are notified of an applicants approval for financing, then the amount & date on which the loan applied for is funded. Finally, upon clicking "apply now," you will be leaving, and will be directed to a third party site. Your relationship with Robinson & Henry will be disclosed to EPay Management. Alternatively, you may contact other lenders to avoid such disclosure. We are not responsible for content or privacy policies on other sites. It is against the law to take a loan out if you intend to file bankruptcy.