Divorce Costs: How to Reduce Them

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMay 6, 2021
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Divorce can be expensive, but our Family Law Team shares some ways you may be able to cut back on the cost of divorce.

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Our Family Law Team receives a lot of questions about whether filing for and finalizing a divorce is expensive. That’s a legitimate question. But the truth of the matter is, it is impossible for us to tell you exactly how much a divorce is going to cost. The cost of divorce depends on a variety of factors specific to each case, including:

  • whether your case settles out of court;
  • if your case has to be litigated before a judge;
  • and, if so, how long that drags out.

So let’s explore some steps you can take to reduce the overall cost of divorce and ensure it does not exceed your pocketbook.

Ways to Contain the Cost of Divorce

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of divorce is to reach a settlement and avoid litigation. Upwards of 90% of divorces end up in a settlement agreement. That means, most issues couples fight about can be worked out without having to go to court over it. Not only will that keep costs down, but it will also minimize the friction between you and your soon-to-be-ex during the divorce.

Ask Yourself: Is That Really Worth Fighting For? 

Every family law attorney can cite cases of clients fighting over what might seem like trivial things.

The Dumpster Find Fight:

An attorney tells the story of a client who decided to fight over an item the couple found in a dumpster when they were remodeling a house.

The couple could not settle on who kept the item. So they, along with their attorneys, took the issue to mediation. After two hours mediating the item found in the dumpster, they were no closer to agreeing to who could keep it.

Then they spent three more weeks arguing back and forth through email about who was going to get the item that was worth about $30.

$5,000 in attorney’s fees later, they’re wondered, why they ever fought over the item.

You may say to yourself, I would never argue over something so petty. Hopefully not, but you’d be surprised what divorce will do to the most rational folks.

The best thing to do is consider what’s really important to you, and if you find yourself thinking about fighting over a $30 dumpster find, take a step back and revisit that a few days later. It could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

Heed the Advice of Your Attorney

One way you can save money is by listening to your attorney’s advice. Your attorney has probably seen and heard it all, so they have a pretty good idea about how your situation may go. It’s one way you can ensure that the cost of your divorce does not get out of control.

If your case heads to court, you’ll be given somewhere between one and four hours to explain to the judge why you should get what you want.

Unfortunately, a few hours is just not enough time for the judge to learn everything about your and your spouse’s life. It is possible for the judge to flip a coin, if you, will when he or she makes their decision.

You can save a whole lot of time and money if you can come up with some decisions on your own without having to take the matter to court. Otherwise, a stranger – in this case, a judge – will decide your fate.

So, again, it’s important to consider what’s matters to you and to heed your attorney’s advice.

How an Attorney Can Help

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