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Our Colorado Probate Lawyer’s Guide to Guardianships: Keeping Vulnerable People Safe

Feb 22, 2019

Colorado Guardianship Attorneys What’s a Guardian? When Does Someone Need a Guardian? Types of Guardianships in Colorado How Do I Becom...

Our Tax Lawyers’ Guide for Colorado Small Business Tax Planning & Preparation Strategies: Don’t Just Survive, Flourish

Feb 11, 2019

 A Tax Attorney Can Provide Tactics to Help Your Company Pay Less Taxes Payroll, human resources, marketing, customer service… T...

Questions and Answers with Steve Whitmore, Senior Real Estate Attorney, Robinson & Henry

Jan 31, 2019

When you bought property with your partner, your friend, your sibling, you may have thought you’d always get along, have the same ideas...

Our Lawyer’s Guide to Dental Malpractice in Colorado

Jan 3, 2019

If you’re seriously injured from a dental procedure, you may be able to recover damages through a dental malpractice lawsuit. Eve...

Resolving your Colorado Property Ownership Dispute: Who Owns This Place Anyway?

Nov 7, 2018

Owning property with a friend, partner or relative can give rise to problems and upset relationships when the real estate tides turn. K...

U.S. Work Permits (EAD) – Form I-765

Oct 31, 2018

In order to work in the United States, all workers – citizens or not – must prove their eligibility. For U.S. citizens this proof comes...

U Visa for Victims of Criminal Activity

Oct 31, 2018

In the United States, a U visa is a type of visa available to undocumented immigrants who are victims of certain serious crimes and hav...

How a Colorado Nonprofit Tax Attorney Can Help You Setup Your Nonprofit and Keep Your Tax-Exempt Status

Oct 10, 2018

Nonprofit tax law is complicated and every nonprofit is unique. A Colorado nonprofit tax attorney can help.


Common Claims in Colorado Collection Cases

Sep 4, 2018

Whether you are owed a debt or you owe money, the laws around collection are complex and numerous. Our attorneys can help you sort it a...

Ultimate Guide to Arbitration in Colorado

Aug 29, 2018

What is arbitration? What are the pros and cons? How does it work? Find answers to your questions in this guide.