New R&H Department Brings Big Changes

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By: Bill Henry
PublishedMay 26, 2022
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Exciting growth is happening at R&H, particularly within the new Sales Operations Department led by Jason Eversole. Jason, who joined the firm a couple of months ago, is excited to oversee this exciting new department.

From Top Left: Brittany Morgan, Loren Daunchet, Dinna Ramos, Andrew Smith, LaToya Henderson, Marco Ramirez, Marlon Wilson; From Bottom Left: Arendi Reynoso, Jason Eversole, Amanda Delagarza, and Megan Ackerman

The Sales Ops Dept. is comprised of the contact center, client coordinators, and intake attorneys. From prospective clients’ initial calls to follow-ups after their case assessments, these colleagues are responsible for guaranteeing each PC receives exceptional customer service.

“The team is focused on developing new leads for the firm and ensuring they retain our services as quickly and operationally efficient as possible,” Jason said.

The Contact Center

The Contact Center is the first point of contact and sets the tone for the PC’s experience at the firm. The contact team ensures that the PC is scheduled appropriately, and answers general questions regarding our legal services.

The Intake Attorneys & Client Coordinators

The intake attorneys complete the case assessments and works to identify the best cases for the firm allowing our attorney team to focus primarily on billing activities. The intake team works closely with the Client Coordinators to follow-up on retention, new leads, and completion of our questionnaires.

This spring, the firm has brought on several intake attorneys to reduce the consultation load that, until now, was largely placed on the firm’s partners, formerly called team leads. The intake attorneys now handle most initial case assessments.

Congratulations are also in order for the following team members who either were promoted within or to the Sales Ops Department.

Megan Ackerman moves into the role of QA/Training Admin for the contact center. This role focuses on providing necessary training updates, onboarding new hires, and monitoring our phone calls to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. This is a new position for our firm and one that will enable us to take our customer service skills to the next level.

Mark Ramirez joins the Client Coordinator team to assist with following up on client leads to ensure we reach a high level of client retention. Mark will transition from our contact center group.

Arendi Reynoso was promoted to Sr. Client Coordinator. Arendi has been an excellent resource for our attorney’s, admins, and call center team as Client Coordinator. We are excited to see her advance and offer her subject matter expertise to the group.

Sharon Rosas joins the Client Coordinator team to assist with following up on client leads and ensure we reach a high level of client retention. Sharon will transition from the Admin group.

“It is exciting to see our employees grow into new positions, and the firm will continue to offer new career opportunities in the future,” Managing Partner Don Eby said.

Looking Ahead

Jason said the entire department is focused on ensuring that it retains the best cases for our firm, and ensuring that potential clients have the best overall experience to ensure they contact the firm for any future legal needs.

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