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Sex Crimes Defense Resources

The Police Made Me Do It: Will the Entrapment Defense Work for Me?

Dec 23, 2022

The entrapment defense can be a viable one for some criminal cases. In this article, you will learn how Colorado law defines entrapment...

Sex Crime Disclosure Requirement for Some Colorado Professionals

Nov 26, 2022

Colorado has stringent penalties for individuals convicted of sex crimes. Recently, a state law took effect that requires sex crime dis...

Get Off the Sex Offender Registry

Sep 15, 2022

If you’re a registered sex offender then you know how this designation looms in nearly every corner of one’s life. Long aft...

Colorado Statutory Rape Charges

Aug 11, 2022

Statutory rape is a serious crime in Colorado. If you have a sexually intimate relationship with someone who is not of the age of conse...

Colorado Child Enticement Charge

Aug 1, 2022

Child enticement is a serious sex crime allegation in Colorado. It carries hefty legal, professional, and personal consequences. It is ...

Colorado Sex Crimes

Oct 18, 2021

Sex crimes convictions carry life-altering consequences. From prison time and sex offender registration to personal and professional re...

The Mann Act

Oct 18, 2021

If you followed R&B singer R. Kelly’s trial, you may be familiar with a federal law called the Mann Act. It was created in 1910 to ...

Colorado Sexual Assault Charges

Oct 15, 2021

A sexual assault conviction in Colorado carries serious, long-lasting consequences. From prison time and fines to personal and professi...

Will Apple CSAM Scans Open Up More People to Being Framed for Child Porn?

Aug 26, 2021

Tech giant Apple recently announced it will soon scan user images for child pornography. The company also will report users who have ch...

Professional Consequences of Sex Crimes

Aug 13, 2021

In July 2021, a Colorado lawyer had his license suspended for 18 months after he pleaded guilty to the promotion of obscenity to a mino...

Colorado Criminal Statute of Limitations | Criminal Defense Attorneys

Feb 21, 2020

In the U.S., defendants have a right to due process under the law. They also have the right to a fair trial. When crimes are not prosec...

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